The show “The Traitors” forms a couple

The show “The Traitors” forms a couple
The show “The Traitors” forms a couple

Monday evening, during the reunion of the reality show The Traitors, we learned that two guests had formed a couple since the filming.

These are the public relations officer Laurie and the investigating police officer Christopher.

“ [Ils] may have failed to find the traitors… but, to their surprise, they found… love! », wrote Noovo the day after the broadcast.

Laurie, who has a blog about Disney (Milady on Main Street), has, for her part, fictionalized her story on her social networks.

VOLUME 1: The Princess and the Knight

In a mansion where betrayal and lies reigned, a spark was born.

Some people believe in chance. Others believe it was their lucky stars that led the princess and the knight within these misty walls. What is certain is that none of them suspected that this deadly game would instead reveal charming tomorrows.

It wasn’t just the loyal who won. Two loving hearts also reaped a sweet victory.

Destined to live happy, sparkling, faithful lives. »

Let us point out that this reunion of the guests at the Manoir Rouville-Campbell was rather eventful. Obviously, there was talk of Michel’s fake disabled daughter. Almost all participants vigorously condemned this lie. Étienne was not spared either, just like Meriem, whose overly hot attitude was deplored by many. Even the winners received a few splashes as players suggested that Cédric and Chelsea’s contribution to the game had not been substantial enough to earn a third of the spoils.

The thrilling finale and the entire season are available on as well as on CRAVE.



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