Un Si Grand Soleil: “Cécile will not have time to suffer”… Marie-Gaëlle Cals’ confidences on the death of Christophe – News Series

Un Si Grand Soleil: “Cécile will not have time to suffer”… Marie-Gaëlle Cals’ confidences on the death of Christophe – News Series
Un Si Grand Soleil: “Cécile will not have time to suffer”… Marie-Gaëlle Cals’ confidences on the death of Christophe – News Series

Cécile’s life is about to be shattered in Un si grand soleil. Marie-Gaëlle Cals, the interpreter of Judge Alphand, spoke to Allociné about this plot which promises to be full of twists and turns.

Nothing will ever be the same again in Un si grand soleil.

It must be said that after months of tracking, Christophe Lemeur (Hubert Benhamdine), also known as the Florist, decided to end his life. A tragic death which will obviously shatter the life of his wife Cécile (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) but also that of Achille (Matthieu Rodriguez), their adopted son.

As Cécile and Achille prepare to experience dark hours, Marie-Gaëlle Cals spoke to Allociné about what awaits viewers during the next episodes of the France 2 daily soap opera.

Allocine: We begin the last chapter of The Florist. How did you react when you discovered that the writers were going to make Christophe die?

Marie-Gaëlle Cals : Quite honestly, I suspected it a little. This couldn’t last. And then, I don’t think it was the writers’ desire to make Cécile seem gullible or to turn her into someone who was really being abused. She is still a judge. So obviously, the noose could only tighten on Christophe. The writers could have made him stop killing and go back to something more classic and conventional, but wouldn’t we have been bored?

Finally, was it a shock for Cécile to discover that Christophe was indeed the Florist or did she always know deep down that her husband was a serial killer?

As an actress, I have chosen to remain in doubt. When she is told that the investigation into the Florist will be reopened, she knows what to expect.

Christophe will unfortunately kill himself. How will she navigate through this?

Cécile hits several buildings on her head. Between her husband who is the Florist, her suicide and then the farewell letter, it’s a lot. I think she will stick to her beliefs. She is a judge, at a given moment she cannot be fooled by poetry and madness. She is obliged to remain herself otherwise she goes into dimensions that do not belong to her at all.

And then, she is a little psychologically equipped for this kind of profile. She rubs shoulders with serial killers on a daily basis. What will be complicated for her is that she will not have time to suffer or realize what she feels. I think she puts a lot of distance between her own feelings because there really was a lot of love between Cécile and Christophe. She will not be able to do anything other than confront and be concrete.

Who will be there to support Cécile in this ordeal?

Margot (Clara Botte) will be there for Cécile but it is above all Cécile who will be there for herself.

Will Cécile end up breaking down?

She’s going to break down. Even if in the script there was a lot of indication that she was crying, we made the choice to see her hold on and let the emotion spring forth of itself in something that is not necessarily expected.

Hugo (Bibi Tanga) was a close friend of Christophe and at the same time the person who allowed the police to unmask the florist. Will he support Cécile and Achille?

Hugo will be a real support for Achille. It would have been nice for a friendship to develop between him and Cécile but it’s not going in that direction at the moment. Despite everything, they will remain connected.

Cécile will end up discovering that Charles helped Christophe to bury Darius’ body. Will she blame him for not having alerted the police or will she see him as another victim of the Florist?

She really considers him a victim of the Florist. She sees that he too was fooled so she has a lot of empathy for him.

What memory do you have of this arch?

I was lucky enough to shoot most of my scenes with the same director, Laly Vannucci. Even if the scenes weren’t necessarily happy, it was a very happy shoot. We were able to create some very beautiful things with Matthieu Rodriguez who I really like.

Do you have any other projects outside of the show that you can talk about?

For the moment no but I remain available for other fictions and other adventures if the Un si grand soleil schedule allows me. I really want to feed myself with other things.



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