“It’s more than friendship”

“It’s more than friendship”
“It’s more than friendship”

And the winner of Secret Story 2024 is…Alexis! Tuesday June 18, during the grand finale of the reality TV show presented by Christophe Beaugrand, the 27-year-old young man was acclaimed by the public by collecting 49% of the votes. He won the sum of 105,313 euros. The one who experienced an adventure rich in emotions, due to his heavy secret and his budding romance with Zoé, confided in Tele-Leisure after a short night.

Alexis winner Secret Story favored by its community of fans? He answers us

Tele-Leisure : How did you feel when Christophe Beaugrand said your name on Tuesday evening?
Alexis: Full of emotion, I was so happy.

Some viewers think that your victory is due to your notoriety on social networks since you are followed by more than 4 million people on TikTok…
I know for a fact that it didn’t count because I have an English-speaking community and I think I really showed my personality in the show. That’s what helped me win. Millions of people didn’t know me.

What are you going to do with the 105,000 euros won in Secret Story 2024 ?
I planned to buy my father his dream car. Afterwards, I would like to return to Guadeloupe to help my family. Then I’ll keep the pot and see what the future holds for me.

How did you celebrate your victory on Tuesday evening?
I didn’t really celebrate it. We talked a lot with my father, who is very proud of me. I saw Zoé again and we celebrated a little, but nothing more. We are always in restraint.

Did Zoé and Alexis become a couple after Secret Story 2024 ?

Zoe recently told Tele-Leisure that she considers you a friend. Do you share the same feeling?
It started as friendship, before growing little by little. Now we can say we’re not really friends anymore. There is no precise definition for it but it is more than friendship now. I just came out and I don’t want to rush her.

Do you still hope to build something with it?
In all honesty, I’m not hoping for much, just seeing what the future holds. I am very happy to have shared this adventure with her and if something should happen between us, it will happen naturally. We’re on the same wavelength. If she becomes single, we’ll talk and maybe get to know each other a little more. But we will keep this close and friendly relationship whatever happens.

Alexis (Secret Story 2024) will he continue his football career?

A few words about your secret, who was the heaviest in the Houseto know “I was abandoned at a train station at the age of 4“. Have you managed to overcome this trauma more than 20 years later?
I never realized that it could be trauma. I always experienced it as if it didn’t affect me, thanks to my father who was always there for me. I was surprised that it moved so many people.

Do you plan to continue your professional football career next season in England?
The objective now is to unwind from the adventure and find a new club since I left my last club where I stayed for a season. I’m not closed to the idea of ​​playing in France, but after doing a reality TV show, it might be complicated since I might not be taken seriously.



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