Alexis, winner of “Secret Story”, reveals her feelings for Zoé Brunet: “I really want to kiss her! »

Alexis, winner of “Secret Story”, reveals her feelings for Zoé Brunet: “I really want to kiss her! »
Alexis, winner of “Secret Story”, reveals her feelings for Zoé Brunet: “I really want to kiss her! »

What does this victory mean to you?

I’m very proud. I remained myself from the beginning to the end of this adventure. I’m glad the viewers liked my personality. When I entered the house, my strategy was to bond with everyone in order to gain their trust until I betrayed them. It worked out pretty well for me because I certainly wouldn’t have won without this strategy.

You are the first black winner in the history of “Secret Story.”

I am honored! I’m thrilled to have represented everyone who looks like me. This year, there were still four people of color as well as three homosexual candidates. It’s a good thing to have such diversity on a show like “Secret Story.”

You won 105,313 euros. What are you going to do with this money?

My goal is to return the favor to my father. I plan to buy him the car of his dreams but also to return to Guadeloupe to see my family again. It’s been a long time since I returned to the country.

How did you experience these eight weeks of confinement?

Alright. Since I went to England at a very young age to play football, I was used to staying away from my family. I was also part of a football academy. So I had already lived in a community.

You were very close to Zoé. What does it mean to you?

He is the most important person to me. Without her, I wouldn’t be here today. She always believed in me. We grew closer over the weeks and had an incredible adventure together. She marked my heart for life. Our bond was immediate, we have a lot in common. At the start of the adventure, I didn’t really calculate it because I was really focused on the game. Eventually, we got to know each other and we never left each other again. We became good friends, then our feelings evolved naturally…

Are you in a relationship today?

For the moment, we are not a couple at all. I only just left the house. We will first get to know each other in real life. If we have to get together one day, it will happen naturally. We live day by day, without asking too many questions.

Are you disappointed not to have experienced a more concrete connection with her?

No not at all. I wanted to kiss him but we always put physical and mental barriers between ourselves. We waited until we were outside to get closer.

What links do you have with Belgium?

I have never been to your country before. It would be incredible to come and meet the Belgians with my little Miss Belgium. I’m curious to see the enthusiasm that we could generate in Zoé’s town.



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