Marvelous, millions of listens at 16 and (already) a second project for the young singer, Identity

Marvelous, millions of listens at 16 and (already) a second project for the young singer, Identity
Marvelous, millions of listens at 16 and (already) a second project for the young singer, Identity

Merveille’s musical education navigated between the Congolese rumbas that her mother listened to, and the hits of Stromae or Aya Nakamura that her father listened to. Since she was 7 years old she knows that she is going to become an artist! The question is how?
When he watches TV shows like “The Voice”, his father tells him that one day she will be the star. Based in Lyon and Saint-Étienne, the family even moved to Paris to try their luck. She arrives at Porte de Clignancourt: her new stronghold and main character of her first songs.

Passionate about football, it is on the local field that she will meet her future artistic team. Merveille, her real first name, is 15 years old, moving from pieces tinkered with on BandLab and recorded alone on her smartphone, to more accomplished productions. It takes off… First with Ghetto which has accumulated 19 million streams online as of June 2024, then Citadel26 million.

Powered by TikTok, where the young singer has more than 260,000 subscribers, Merveille found an instant audience. The same year, when she turned 16, she was the opening act for Nej, Dadju, Yamê, and on stage at Les Flammes for her first award. In April 2024, Merveille wins the “feminine revelation” of the year! The new round of titles that she has just announced is highly anticipated and will be released on June 28. The fairy tale continues!

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Marvel: 16 years old, 2 hits and 50 million views

I think I’m not aware yet, I’m a little in denial, like, I don’t understand“. The young singer has difficulty understanding how she managed to get so many millions of views. The Golden Single received seemed unattainable to her. She still filled an Accor Arena with 20,000 people, where all the everyone was singing at the top of their lungs.And the sound wasn’t out yet, people only know the TikTok part“. The trick is played, already played.

Merveille announces a new musical project for June 28, Identitiesa collection of new songs in which she wanted to develop a little more, “In fact, it’s to get to know my audience“. Merveille unveils her new extract live, In my head, in this show.

The rest, and a new track from Merveille live, to listen to here…

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