“My ambition is not to become an actress at all costs!” Hélène Ségara admits to having refused several role offers

“My ambition is not to become an actress at all costs!” Hélène Ségara admits to having refused several role offers
“My ambition is not to become an actress at all costs!” Hélène Ségara admits to having refused several role offers

To celebrate the music festival in your own way, Scenes of households invited distinguished guests to join the couples in the series for three new sketches broadcast on M6 on Wednesday June 19 from 8:30 p.m. While Sheila shows up unexpectedly at Raymond (Gérard Hernandez), single since the disappearance of Huguette and her interpreter Marion Game, Seth Gecko borrows the saxophone of Philippe (Grégoire Bonnet) who is hardly reassured in the presence of the rapper and Hélène Ségara is welcomed by José (Frédéric Bouraly), and Liliane (Valérie Karsenti) who tries to enlist her by force in her musical comedy project. Like the singer Sheila, the star of Notre Dame de Paris took her first steps as an actress. What was a joy for the singer of the yéyés, was also for Hélène égara is radiant and doing well. She confides in this experience.

Scenes of households : “It looks like me“, why the scenario of this sketch seemed familiar to Hélène Ségara

Télé-Loisirs: This is the first time that you play comedy. How did this baptism of fire go?
Hélène Ségara:
It’s true that these are my first steps as an actress and I really had a lot of fun. I was apprehensive because I had done several concerts and television appearances at that time. I had little time to prepare and I was very tired. But Frédéric Bouraly and Valérie Karsenti are great professionals who gave me confidence. I felt at home with them. They improvised, and it made the shoot very lively. It was difficult to keep a straight face, there were fits of laughter. Despite my fatigue, they managed to bring me into their world because they are great.

Did they give you any advice?
I was in demand because I love learning, and they both have great experience. But what was great was that I too was able to add my little stone to the building. At one point, Liliane’s character is overwhelmed by her emotions, and she is very directive with me so that I sing in a certain way. I asked Valérie to put her hands on my face and she played along. It was very funny. This sketch is also very well written because it resembles me. I am very patient, but at some point when people irritate me, I remain polite but leave. The text spoke to me because these are situations in which I have already found myself.

Is it a consecration or rather strange to play your own role?
This was the side that was the least interesting for me on paper. I didn’t really see the challenge in playing myself. I told myself that it was probably more interesting to be creative and to embody someone radically different from yourself. But I really enjoyed this shoot.

Scenes of households : “My ambition is not to become an actress at all costs“, Hélène Ségara has already refused several role offers

Would you like to come back and play Scenes of households ?
It would be a great pleasure! I watch the series, and Liliane and José are one of the duos that I love.

Would you like to play a bigger role in a series?
Yes ! To be honest, I have often been offered one, but I am quite picky about proposals. I refuse a project if it doesn’t suit me. I refused to play in a comedy on another channel with a more important role because I wasn’t convinced by the script. I was also offered the adaptation of a true story that really interested me, but the production did not have the rights. I pay attention to my choices. My ambition is not to become an actress at all costs, by accepting anything. In any case, I don’t want to betray myself.

Are you amazed by the enthusiasm that Notre-Dame de Paris, which revealed it to you, still arouses today?
It’s part of French heritage. As I speak to you, I am with Julie Zenatti (who played Fleur de Lys), she is accompanying me this evening for a concert. Audiences want to hear the songs they loved more than twenty-five years ago. The rooms are full, it’s magnificent. I will never get tired of this musical. We must not deny what we have done, even if we evolve over time. You just have to come to concerts to see how happy people are. It’s a gift for us. They do us a lot of good!



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