Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large families) faced with one last difficulty before moving

Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large families) faced with one last difficulty before moving
Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large families) faced with one last difficulty before moving

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In a few weeks, the Jeanson family will leave Reunion Island for good. Still preparing for the move, Marie-Alix must face the difficulties of enrolling her children in school.

The Jeansons’ pace of life is particularly hectic! The tribe, revealed in 2020 in Large families: life in XXL, moves regularly, depending on the changes of the father of the family, a career soldier. After settling on the island of Reunion two years ago, the clan is currently preparing its return to mainland France, more precisely to the Paris region. After weeks of intense searching and anxiety, Marie-Alix announced good news on Instagram on June 18: they finally found accommodation for the start of the school year. Marie-Alix, her husband Alexandre and their five children are delighted with this news, especially since “the location is perfect” according to the head of the family. All that remains is to finalize the children’s registration at school and organize the move in for the end of the summer.

Marie-Alix Jeanson thanks her subscribers for their support

For Marie-Alix Jeanson, who orchestrates the move, the days are always too short. If a wave of stress had invaded the 40-year-old mother because of their housing concerns, she woke up in a very good mood this Wednesday, June 19. Indeed, the beautiful sunny day ahead immediately soothes him. “It’s an absolute joy!”, she writes to herself, in the car, after taking the children to school. To begin with, Marie-Alix would like to thank her community for “tsunami” positive messages she received when she announced that she had finally found accommodation. However, she asks her subscribers to be lenient, since she will not be able to respond to everyone due to lack of time. “It’s a general thank you to you.”

Marie-Alix Jeanson (Large families): “That’s a lot to take in.”

“Who says new accommodation, says new address”, points out Marie-Alix. “We have to tinker with the schools. Besides that, we have to finalize the registrations, it’s not easy… […] Honestly, it’s a never-ending mountain, but I think I’m on the right end! And then there are the extracurricular activities.” At the same time, the Jeansons, who have already started saying goodbye to their loved ones, are beginning the “last times” tour in Reunion. “That’s a lot to take in and the nights are very, very short! I’m more of the type to think at night. I’m beyond exhausted. I’m so tired I can’t sleep anymore. One day at a time and we will rest when we are dead!”

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