Secret Story: DH takes stock of the return of the flagship reality show of the 2000s

Secret Story: DH takes stock of the return of the flagship reality show of the 2000s
Secret Story: DH takes stock of the return of the flagship reality show of the 2000s
“Secret Story” or the collapse of a once popular show

A mixed season

This season, which marks the great return of the emblematic reality TV of the 2000s, was greeted by its share of critics. The casting, mainly composed of influencers, did not appeal to the public. The production which had announced that it wanted a more family version, however, forgot that what makes up the DNA of this type of program is notably through the clashes, which were practically absent. Moreover, the candidates, for the most part already known on social networks (some of whom actually knew each other), did not particularly shine in the search for secrets, which let us not forget, remains the basis of the show. This lack of dynamism and authenticity left viewers wanting more… and rightly so.

“Stop this charade”, “Lack of respect”… The return of Secret Story is controversial (VIDEO)

Uncharismatic candidates

Unlike previous seasons where the cast was heterogeneous and captivating, this year, the candidates lacked charisma and dynamism, making the show uninteresting. The quality of the lives offered has been heavily criticized, with images often reduced to candidates sleeping on a sofa, in a bed or busy making food.

The most disappointing point for viewers was undoubtedly the absence of weekly bonuses to announce the eliminated candidate. The only two bonuses, at the beginning and at the end of the adventure, took place in the middle of the night and during the week, making them difficult to follow.

Finally, the quality of the secrets was also noteworthy. Between the inventor of “Quoicoubeh”, the fraternal twins and the couples, the only light on the board was the interpreter of the voice of Harry Potter or the secret of Alexis which was to have been abandoned in a train station as a child .

Return of the Voice, influencers galore and secrets completely revealed… Here’s what you missed from the first episode of “Secret Story”! (VIDEO)

What conclusions can we draw from this?

When Secret Story’s return was announced, expectations were high. The public hoped to find “ordinary” candidates, far from the usual influencers. If the season was not explosive, the audiences are not catastrophic when we add the figures for TF1+ to those for television broadcasting. This recalls the moderate but encouraging success of Star Academy’s return season, hinting at a possible return of Secret Story in 2025.

Whether we like this type of program or not, reality TV still arouses enormous interest among a target audience, 15-34 year olds. The channels know this well. However, for this return to be truly successful, it is crucial that the production takes into account the comments of Internet users. The public is demanding unknown candidates with quality secrets, bonuses for more accessible hours and the return of the famous supermarket, a nostalgic element of the first seasons. In addition, an improvement in the quality of lives with a real hunt for secrets is essential to maintain the interest of viewers.



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