Proximus TV removes a historic function but minimizes the impact: “Don’t panic, you have two months ahead of you!”

In short, there is no more privilege, no more possibility of designating these recordings that you wish to keep for the long term (up to 50 hours, for three years). “ […] your recordings will be kept for a period of 60 days”, recalls this web page of the telecoms operator. “This series that you were planning to binge-watch? Don’t panic, you have two months ahead of you! ”

Already absent since 2020 on Android TV decoders

“With TV Replay and our busy Pickx homepage, you have a whole world of content at your fingertips,” insists Proximus. “Live shows, streaming, apps, VOD – everything you want, all in one super convenient place. So why still maintain long-term programs? ”

As a reminder, the latest generation decoders, the Android TV Box (V7) from 2020 and the Android Wi-Fi TV Box (V7c) from 2023, skip the extension of recordings by default. The feature was never available. On its own forums, Proximus has regularly indicated that it would be reinstated on the V7. It was wishful thinking.

The same sanction at Scarlet

The end of the extension of registrations has also been announced at Scarlet, the low-cost sub-brand of Proximus. “Please note that from June 11, 2024, it will no longer be possible to keep a recording for more than 60 days,” this webpage states.

One year with Base TV

With the switch from hard disk set-top boxes to recording programs in the cloud, operators tend to reduce the lifespan of a recorded program as much as possible. The consensus: 60 days.

In this context, the hard drive, the one which allows the customer to manage and store their programs as they wish (except in the event of a breakdown), remains the only asset of the good old box.evasion (2015) from VOO.

Launched on June 3, 2024, Base TV is an exception. “Recordings are kept for 1 year by default. Then they disappear automatically. ”



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