how did Clémence (Married at First Sight) bounce back after Romain’s brutal refusal to get married?

how did Clémence (Married at First Sight) bounce back after Romain’s brutal refusal to get married?
how did Clémence (Married at First Sight) bounce back after Romain’s brutal refusal to get married?

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In the fourteenth episode of Married at first sightavailable on M6+, viewers discovered Clémence’s incredible initiative following the cancellation of her marriage to Romain.

The end of the adventure has come. After weeks of broadcast and unexpected twists and turns, viewers of Married at first sight finally know the outcome of each romance of the season. On the side of Tracy and Flo, love is always there, like Alice and Florian. On the other hand, the same cannot be said of Laurie and Jean-Nicolas, Ophélie and Loïc, Marie and Jérémy as well as Ludivine and Raphaël. Indeed, these four couples, even if they remained on good terms, preferred to end their marriage. But during this eighth edition, a third outcome emerged: that of the participants who did not get married and therefore, who did not have to divorce. This is the case of Camille, Romain and Clémence, this trio which kept fans of the program in suspense.

Clemence (Married at first sight): her fairy tale turns into a nightmare

Clémence’s experience shocked as much as forced the admiration of viewers of Married at first sight. While she expected to marry Romain, the young woman was taken by surprise by the decision of the father of the family, who, feeling no “feeling“, preferred to say “no” during the ceremony. Showing great dignity in the face of such a situation, Clémence still had difficulty coping with this disillusionment. But much more is needed to discourage and destabilize the single who made an astonishing decision a few days after meeting Romain!

Clemence (Married at first sight): how did she bounce back after the disillusionment of her marriage?

In the fourteenth episode, available on M6+, viewers discovered the astonishing initiative that Clémence took after the cancellation of her marriage. The entrepreneur decided to “go on a honeymoon“in Venice, without the husband with whom she was to share this moment.”It’s cool, I’m trying to enjoy it, take a step back from everything that happened, relax and take care of myself a little.“, she declared, in a video addressed to the production of the program. Obviously, this stay did the greatest good for the young woman whose charms apparently did not leave the Italians indifferent. Far from giving up on love, Clémence always believes that her soul mate is waiting for her somewhere. This is why, six months after filming, the young woman made an astonishing decision which she shared with the experts: “After much thought, I came to the conclusion that I would like to try the Married at First Sight experience again. I’m still looking for my boyfriend. […] I hope that you will travel to all the cities of France to try to find someone compatible for me.

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