Étienne from “Traitors” talks about his elimination: “I was really bitter”

Étienne from “Traitors” talks about his elimination: “I was really bitter”
Étienne from “Traitors” talks about his elimination: “I was really bitter”

In the Traitors final broadcast last Monday, Étienne was eliminated at the very last minute, around the fire, while the remaining players could decide to stop the game or continue to oust individuals. Cédric, Chelsea and Kim chose to banish Étienne, in whom they did not fully trust.

Although he seemed in perfect control on TV, Étienne admits to us that this extremis departure was difficult.

In all honesty, it really saddened me. I was really bitter. When I came back I was so disappointed “, he tells us.

From the beginning, when we took someone out of the table, I said: “even if you are faithful and we went to check if you were faithful or not, it is because your behavior incriminated you enough and that You weren’t able to defend yourself, so we had no choice but to take you out.” In the end, I can see that they took me out because my behavior incriminated me from the beginning. So they didn’t want to take a chance. It was legit. It’s just boring to have $25,000 taken away… »

He adds : ” I kept my calm because I knew I was being filmed and it was a game, but let’s say someone in real life would do this to me and it was money I deserved actually, maybe I would be a little saltier… »

During this last episode, we could also see that Chelsea had a big heart towards Étienne, who had tried to break up his duo with Cédrick, wanting to make the other players understand that, together, these two had a lot of power .

I think Chelsea didn’t understand that it was a game, that we were playing. She didn’t understand the rules. She didn’t understand what was going to happen either, I think. She was just happy to be there. It’s true that I was “pain in the ass”, but we were in a game. It’s like complaining about a person playing Monopoly who buys land because you wanted to buy it. It’s a bit absurd. »

He adds : ” I think she took it really personal every time I went fishing. Because it’s not by saying that “you’re handsome, you’re beautiful” that I’m going to detect if you’re lying, it’s by putting you in a situation where you’re uncomfortable. There, I’m able to detect a little of your nervous tics and things like that. I went to test her a couple of times, but like everyone else. I think she was more touchy maybe. Already she didn’t like my face, the fact that I poked her… I think that’s it because I wasn’t more challenging with her than with others, even though I I was less challenging with her than with Axel, MJ or Michel. »

Étienne specifies that what he found most difficult in the adventure Traitors, is to be hated. “ Usually, for me, in my daily life, my mission, in quotes, when I get up, is that I want everyone around me to be happy, I make the world laugh, I make the world comfortable. .. It’s not necessarily in my nature to challenge others. But then, it was confronting to realize that I am capable of doing this. »

Étienne will certainly have been very entertaining in this first season of Traitors.

Note that he is a real estate broker with Via Capitale Sélect in the Quebec region.



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