the olé olé mirror scene between Colin and Penelope agitates Bridgerton fans

the olé olé mirror scene between Colin and Penelope agitates Bridgerton fans
the olé olé mirror scene between Colin and Penelope agitates Bridgerton fans

TWEETS REVIEW – After the carriage scene in the first part of season 3, actors Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan are at the center of a new and torrid sequence between their two characters of The Bridgerton Chronicles.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

“You know, it’s hard because I think about women who have my body type – women with perfect breasts,” had ironically Nicola Coughlan last week in reference to the famous mirror scene. The actress and interpreter of Penelope Featherington in The Bridgerton Chronicles actually asked to shoot a nudity scene, to respond to the grossophobic criticism she may have received: “That was just the biggest “f**k you” I could say in this whole conversation about my body.”she pointed out a few weeks ago.

Just posted online on Netflix, the first episode of this second part has already sparked many reactions on X. And in particular this very daring scene which is worth a pictogram “not recommended for under 16s”, where Penelope and Colin consummate their love in front of a mirror. The young woman appears particularly naked, which surprised some viewers. “The moment in the mirror scene made my jaw drop to the depths of the Earth because: ‘OH MY GOD’,” writes, for example, a user of X.

Adapted from the book collection by author Julia Quinn, this mirror scene was awaited by readers and connoisseurs of the series. It’s an important moment where Colin makes a big declaration to his fiancée, which also symbolizes their first time together. Some savvy fans noticed this and shared it on X.

For most Internet users, the physical connection between the two characters lives up to expectations and perfectly illustrates the alchemy between Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton ).

“The scene with the mirror and the carriage beats all other intimate scenes in Bridgerton. Polin’s intimate scenes (contraction between Penelope and Colin) are sweet (…) It’s so beautiful, so realistic and so romantic, believes another X user.

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Wanting to ride this wave of reactions, Netflix also posted a funny anecdote on the making of this long-awaited scene on X. During the filming of this sequence, actors Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton indeed “broke the sofa» at the heart of the scene.

The first part of season 3 of Bridgerton had already ended with a first love scene between Penelope and Colin, in a carriage, which also aroused messages of astonishment but also wonder.



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