Axel Marbeuf of “Star Academy” sets things straight

Axel Marbeuf of “Star Academy” sets things straight
Axel Marbeuf of “Star Academy” sets things straight

“For the first time” is Axel Marbeuf’s new single where we find a “very different” style from his first and a more summery musicality. This is available from this Friday, June 14. On occasion, the former academician confided without tongue in cheek to Ciné-Télé-Revue.

First of all, how are you?

It’s going very, very well! Impatient, a little stressed, but it’s okay.

What do you want to convey through this second single?

I wanted to add a little more of myself in fact, of my style, what I want to go towards now, then it’s also for the fans. I am not bound by a contract with TF1 therefore I have this freedom to be able to do that and I want to show more of myself and above all bring a little bit of summer which is a little slow to arrive I believe, in our daily lives . I hope this music allows us to have more fun and dance this summer.

What’s next, an album perhaps?

During the tour, I worked a lot in parallel, we have already worked on several models for different songs, it will actually depend on the story that I want to tell. I don’t know yet if I have a complete story to make an album, a dozen songs. I don’t yet know at all what direction I’m going to take. Maybe try 5 or 6 songs and see how it goes. What I can say is that I have the material to potentially do both.

Were you really able to make these first two singles the way you wanted?

Obviously, the two singles are radically different. They are different sounds and themes. The first single was obviously a “Star Academy” single. Here, I really tell my music, I reworked the texts a little, there is always the imperative of timing obviously. For the first single, we don’t necessarily have the opportunity to go back to the studio because it has to be released on a certain date. And even if it was minus the performer, it was stamped Star Academy and not Axel Marbeuf. Here, with my new single, for the first time, I had control over everything because I didn’t sign anywhere. I had the opportunity to surround myself with the people and team I wanted. In my eyes it is perfect, I am very happy.

What did you think of Julien’s first single?

It wasn’t what he wanted to do. I didn’t find the Julien I know there. We had discussed a lot about his tastes, etc. There was a whole piano/voice methodology that was interesting but I think he wouldn’t have done it like that. I couldn’t wait to discover his single released a few days ago because I knew that I was going to find 100% Julien, the one I knew at the castle. He is a wonderful author and composer.

Now that you are in the profession, have you had to face any disappointments?

As soon as I had a day off, I would go to the studio to work on finalizing the single as quickly as possible. Obviously there is a bit of disillusionment when you enter the profession because you know that it is a very competitive environment. I am convinced that there is room for everyone, on the radio and on the platforms. I hope that the Star Academy generation, this promotion, can become the new image of French-speaking music. There is room for Djebril, Candice, Julien and even all the others! It’s difficult to meet the demanding criteria of radio stations, etc. But that doesn’t discourage me, I’m working for it!

You talk about your comrades, Djebril made a notable outing recently, you gave him support, what discrimination was he talking about exactly?

I saw him during the show. Yes, at times there were candidates who were perhaps favored, but especially some who were disadvantaged. I think we have favoritism and a lot of “disfavoritism”. I don’t know if that’s being said. Not throughout the entire show, at times. But now, our ties with the tour were over and I think he needed to talk to feel better, to explain to people how he lived and saw things. He had to say it.

Candice and I totally support him. Whereas Candice has seen and experienced a lot of similar things, I think. In any case, this is my opinion, I can only defend them and give them my support.

And the day they want to say more, I will be there to support them, and to tell them what I saw, etc. For the moment, the time has not yet come, but if they want to further develop the feelings they may have had, etc. I will be there to help, but also to say mine because I have not always been favored, I have sometimes been disadvantaged etc. It’s part of the show, it’s a TV game where the goal is for the show to work. There you go, that doesn’t take anything away from the incredible adventure we experienced.

But here it is, I think that when there are things that are not nice, not necessarily cool, then it is our duty to talk about it so that the next ones don’t experience the same thing. And beyond that, if there are deeper problems, it’s important for us to defend ourselves to find the respect we deserve to have as humans and that’s exactly what Djebril did. And that’s why he has all our support, from Candice, me, but also from everyone I’m sure.

The rumors are numerous, but what about the potential tensions between the different members of the tour?

I stay very far from all that, it doesn’t affect me. I experience what is happening and there is no tension. It’s like everywhere, there are days when we are tired, when we have less desire. At the castle, there were days when we didn’t speak because of fatigue and intensity. Here we sometimes do 4 shows in 30 hours! Everyone then cultivates their individuality. Everyone is different. The people who see tensions are the same people who saw things that didn’t exist during the show. People who don’t like us and want to trigger these tensions between us. They want to make us tear each other apart. But we will never tear each other apart. There is always a general goodwill, and that’s great.



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