Kep1er Continues Its Activities As A 7-Member Group

On May 30, WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment announced that Choi Yu-jin, Xiaoting, Kim Chae-hyun, Kim Da-yeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih and Seo Young-eun, currently active as members of Kep1er, agreed to extend their group activities with a new contract.

Thus, Kep1er will continue its activities both nationally and internationally as a group of 7 members, even after the end of their initial group project period. Mashiro and Kang Ye-seo’s latest activities with Kep1er will be the release of the first full album “Kep1going On” on June 3 and a concert in Japan in July.

WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment stated, “We have had long and deep discussions with Mashiro, Kang Ye-seo and their agency regarding their future activities. Eventually, their activities with Kep1er will end. We sincerely thank Mashiro and Kang Ye-seo for their dedication over the past two and a half years and will continue to support them. »

Kep1er, being the first Mnet project group to successfully renew their contract, is expected to gain further momentum with their upcoming national activities as a full 9-member group after 9 months.

Kep1er continues its activities as a group of 7 members K-Sélection

Kep1er plans to intensify their national activities with the release of their first full album “Kep1going On” on June 3. In July, they will meet their Japanese fans at a concert in the 20,000-capacity K-Arena Yokohama.

WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment stated, “We hope for great anticipation for Kep1er’s first and final full album as a full 9-member group. We will actively support not only Kep1er’s activities but also the musical growth of each member. »

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