“We want to be the biggest heavy music band in the world,” says Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose, the Metalcore band from Oldham County, Kentucky, is poised to become one of the next big bands in heavy music. With ambitions to become “the biggest heavy music band in the world,” as frontman Bryan Garris said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the band is making waves by getting heavier, harder and more brutal than ever.

Knocked Loose’s concert approach, as Garris explains, is meticulously designed to encourage audience participation. “Every writing decision we make is based on the live show”, did he declare. This strategy has proven to be effective, as evidenced by their recent performances, during which they managed to captivate and energize massive crowds, even at high-profile events such as Coachella.

Despite its hardcore roots, Knocked Loose has attracted attention from unexpected people. Pop icons like Billie Eilish and Demi Lovato have shown their support, with Eilish seen headbanging at Coachella and Lovato expressing a desire to collaborate with the group. “It’s crazy”said drummer Kevin ‘Pacsun’ Kaine, discussing the band’s growing mainstream appeal. “This whole journey has been completely crazy.”

Their success isn’t just down to hit songs and celebrity endorsements. Knocked Loose’s dedication to their art and willingness to experiment with their sound played a crucial role. “We have always tried to cover our tracks”explains Garris. “Even when we were touring on a small level, we were doing metal and hardcore shows, we were playing with pop punk bands and with rappers. We just wanted to play as much as possible.”

Their third album, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, pushes the boundaries even further. It contains some of the most intense and complex music they’ve ever produced, including collaborations with genre-blurring artists like Poppy and Chris Motionless (of Motionless In White). You can check out some of their latest songs below.

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