Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 936 of Thursday May 30, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 936 of Thursday May 30, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 936 of Thursday May 30, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… At the institute, the carrots are cooked for Zacharie… David learns news that could change his life. For Claire, it’s a rude awakening…

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you prefer not to know anything, move on.

Thursday May 30 in Here it all begins…

Zacharie leaves Laetitia and the Institute

After being fired from the Institute and transferred to Lille by Cardone, Zacharie finally confesses to Laetitia. He reveals to her that he had an affair with his ex, Gabrielle, who is now pregnant with him, then admits to having drugged him and sabotaged Kelly during the Coupe de France because Cardone was blackmailing him. He also specifies that Teyssier was aware. Laetitia is in shock.

She arrives in the kitchen while Teyssier is in full demonstration in front of the students of his Masterclass and throws the dessert he has just prepared with violence, accusing him of having hidden from her that Zacharie had drugged him. Once the students have left, Teyssier tries to justify himself, explaining that he wanted to spare him this trouble. But Laetitia knows him well enough to know that he didn’t tell her anything only because it served his interests and his personal revenge against Cardone.

For their part, Kelly and Lionel are bombarded with messages and notifications on social networks: in fact, Charlène filmed the scene and posted it on the Internet. Kelly and Lionel ask Enzo what happened. The latter tells them that Zacharie sabotaged Kelly during the Coupe de France. At the same time, the young girl receives a call from her mother in tears. She decides to join her.

Meanwhile, Zacharie goes to the management office to confess to Clotilde, Rose and Antoine that he is indeed the author of Kelly’s sabotage during the Coupe de France. He then declares that Cardone forced him to do so by threatening to reveal his double life to Laetitia. The director of the Institute obviously denies it outright. Without real proof that incriminates their superior, the teaching staff cannot intervene on behalf of Zacharie who is officially dismissed for serious misconduct.

Cardone brings the students together at the amphitheater to confirm to them that Zacharie sabotaged Kelly during the Coupe de France. She claims to be very shocked by his actions. Mehdi points out, however, that according to certain rumors, she put pressure on Landiras. Cardone retorts that these are lies and that she also intends to file a complaint against Zacharie for defamation. After announcing that Alice would replace him for the baking classes, Cardone leaves.

For their part, Clotilde and Rose confront Teyssier because they do not know what to think of Zacharie’s accusations. Teyssier tries to open the Armand sisters’ eyes to Cardone’s manipulations. He reveals to them that she sent a student to set fire to Bleupré, then that she magically reappeared with the money needed to save the Institute from bankruptcy. He is determined to unmask Cardone’s student accomplice in this malicious act, knowing now that he is a close relative.

On departure, Zacharie returns his keys to Laetitia. He holds her to tell her that he doesn’t want to lose her and that he really loved her. Kelly arrives to support her mother. Zacharie takes the opportunity to apologize to the young girl regarding the Coupe de France. Mother and daughter don’t want to hear anything more. The latter leaves the Institute.

Meanwhile, Teyssier meets Constance and Charlène to discuss his investigation. He assumes that a student in his Masterclass overheard his conversation with Zechariah the day before and repeated it to Cardone. Charlène claims not to have noticed anything about her comrades.

In panic, Charlène arranges to meet Cardone in the marshes. She worries that her father is so close to the truth. Cardone then suggests giving him a culprit in the person of Mehdi since he was present during the Bleupré fire. He was even the one who called the firefighters. Charlène has no desire to sacrifice Mehdi, but she understands that she has no other choice if she wants to save her skin…

David wants to seize an opportunity

In the Institute grounds, Gaëtan gives his sports class to the students without any motivation. The students suspect that he is having difficulty coping with Salomé’s departure for Brittany. Suddenly, Antoine interrupts the class to announce to the students that the coach of Real Madrid will come to the Institute the next day to find the future leader of the season. If David is enthusiastic, he is disillusioned when he learns that the selection is only open to Third Years. Those who are interested will have to present a dish to the recruiter who will make his choice.

Despite the criteria required for the position, David tells Tom that he plans to apply. He can already see himself there. Tom, for his part, rather wants to try the Masters next year. Later, David asks Gaëtan to help him convince the Real Madrid recruiter by giving him advice on sports nutrition. Gaëtan readily accepts.

Complicated awakening for Claire

In class, Claire is drinking from the day before. Olivia comes to see her to talk to her about the 5 and a half minute voice message she left him in the evening. Claire pretends to remember it when she doesn’t. However, she is relieved to see that her ex partner thanks her for what she said to him.

After class, Claire meets Vic at the studio for their coaching session. She apologizes to the young girl for having drunk a lot in her presence. She admits that she doesn’t remember anything. Vic tells him that she took him home with the help of Hortense. In her phone history, Claire realizes that she not only left a message for Olivia: she also left one for Rose even though they were on bad terms.

In the park, Claire approaches Rose to explain to her what she had wanted to say to her in her voice message: in fact, Claire understands why Rose is angry with her for having brought Cardone to the Institute. But she really wanted to get Louis out of prison. Rose, who thought they were friends, believes she should have told him about it before.



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