Gérard Majax cropped live…

Gérard Majax cropped live…
Gérard Majax cropped live…

In 2022, Gérard Majax was invited by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of C à vous. However, an outing by the magician did not happen at all. Faced with Jordan de Luxe, on May 29, 2024, he explained this.

In 2022, during his appearance on the show “C à vous”, Gérard Majax created a controversy following a remark on pickpockets, which caused the team to separate from host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Gérard Majax explained on May 29, 2024, during an interview with Jordan de Luxe, that he did not intend to make a bad joke, highlighting the misery of young pickpockets and clarifying that he was not putting himself in competition with them.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s initial reaction was criticized, and Gérard Majax claimed that the next day, several articles proved him right, revealing a tense relationship between him and the host.

Incomprehension and embarrassment. This is how we can summarize Gérard Majax’s appearance on the show C to you in 2022. In fact, the magician was questioned by columnist Mohamed Bouhafsi who wanted to know if he was not tempted to become a pickpocket when he manages to perform impressive tricks without being unmasked.

In the metro I tried, but there are young Romanian women who are stronger than me because they are in a group“, he replied. Immediately, the entire team of the famous host had dissociated itself from the exit of the magician. “If it’s humor, it’s a failure and if not, it’s unwelcome.“, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine reacted at the time.

Gérard Majax assured that he did not want to make a bad joke

Wednesday May 29, 2024, Gérard Majax was the guest of Jordan de Luxe. The latter wanted to return to this little controversy and assured that he did not want to make a bad joke. “The poor girls who are forced by their families to go pickpocketing in the metro and who get really argued with and even beaten if they bring back nothing…“, he declared at first.

“It was to explain that it is generally small teams of Romanians who pickpocket in the metro, to say that these girls are unhappy to do that and I, I don’t compete with them because we don’t do the same job, it has no connection“, he added.

Between Gérard Majax and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, it would never have been true love

But as a result, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine took it very badly, she said that it was unwelcome, that it was a totally failed joke…“, Jordan De Luxe still underlined. But the reaction of the journalist did not worry the magician.

The next day, there were a bunch of articles that proved me right and it backfired on her“, he assured, specifying that between him and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, it had never been true love. “There were other times when she irritated me a lot more on other subjects“, he concluded.



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