“Married at first sight”: “Being ghosted by your husband hurts a lot”

While weddings continue in Gibraltar and new couples get to know each other, others are already reaching the end of the experience and deciding to separate. What happened in the episode of “Married at First Sight” broadcast last night on M6?

Married couples on the show oscillate between love and disillusionment as arguments break out and unions break up.


We had left Jean-Nicolas and Laurie in the middle of preparations for their wedding and then in front of the altar. While we wouldn’t have bet a sesterce on their union, it seems that they are both very enthusiastic at the idea of ​​getting to know each other, even if Jean-Nico admitted “we are not on my ideal feminine (…). I have to be able to discover it and I have to be able to create a bond. She gives off something that I like.”

The young man wants to give himself a chance to fall in love with Laurie, this funny, authentic and sparkling young woman. A woman who changes her dress in the middle of a party because she’s not comfortable and who admits to her husband that her favorite dishes are tripe, kidneys or calf’s liver… we can only adore her !

“Being ghosted by your husband hurts a lot”

Their connection and their understanding at their wedding nevertheless foreshadowed a potential romance but between Ludivine and Raphaël, the rag quickly burned. After disagreements and virulent arguments during that honeymoon where the young woman had criticized her husband for not feeling his desire for her, the relationship quickly deteriorated.

Raphaël, who felt “attacked”, decided to run away and despite Ludivine’s attempts to reconnect, the man did not respond to her requests.

“Being ghosted by your husband hurts a lot,” says Ludivine, who regrets her behavior. This kind of man doesn’t roam the streets. He is a very healthy person, he is a man who has values. This is what I’m fighting for…I don’t want to let him go. »

Unfortunately, during the assessment with Estelle and Gilbert, the two experts on the show, Raphaël admits his desire to divorce. “It’s complicated to talk with Ludivine,” he explained. It goes from hot to cold. I’m disappointed with this ending.”

“All I said about an idyllic story, it’s over”

As for Marie and Jérémy, everything seemed perfect. The young bride who fell in love at first sight during the ceremony was full of praise for the man she had just met. “It’s a whirlwind in my stomach, I didn’t think it could happen,” she admitted, her eyes sparkling. Jérémy, for his part, was more cautious about his feelings: “With my wife it works very well for the moment. We can’t talk about love, not at the moment because it’s the beginning,” he analyzed during the last episode.

But between their endless flirtations and their physical attraction, we believed that the lovebirds were indeed on the path to happiness. But appearances are sometimes deceiving and it is with sadness that we have witnessed a turnaround in the situation. The few teaser images broadcast at the end of the show where we see Marie in tears do not bode well. “I’m living a nightmare. Everything I said about a fairy tale, an idyllic story, it’s over,” she sobbed. What happened to make the butterflies at the beginning fly away so quickly?

We will obviously find out by watching the next episode of “Married at First Sight”!

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