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Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: a very entertaining disaster film led by a hilarious Tommy Lee Jones (we’re laughing!).

In the category of disaster films from the 90s, there are the very famous Armageddon and Twister. But there are also works that have gone somewhat under the radar like the very nice Volcano, led by the impassive Tommy Lee Jones. If you want to savor this B series that goes by itself and which will make you very excited, then see you this Tuesday evening on TFX!

Released in theaters in 1997, Volcano immerses the viewer in Los Angeles, while the population experiences a small seismic shock. Nothing to worry about the city’s residents, who have long been accustomed to the vagaries of nature, except that a few hours later, seven municipal employees repairing a pipe were burned to death by the emanation of strong heat. Dispatched to the scene, Amy Barnes, doctor from the Geological Institute, will notice that a volcanic eruption threatens the city.

We’re not going to lie to you, Volcano, nominated for the Razzie Awards in the category (oh, the naughty ones!) of “Greatest indifference to human life and public property”, is not very far from the nanar. But it narrowly escapes this status, certainly nice but not necessarily synonymous with optimum quality.

Tommy Lee Jones hilarious… or not!

For what Volcano Shouldn’t it be placed in the junk section? Because this B series, casually, is rather well done. Efficient and rhythmic, it also allows you to appreciate the impeccable performance of a Tommy Lee Jones hilarious. No, we’re joking… On one Tommy Lee Jones even less smiling than usual but we love it, because the more he looks, the better!

Volcano, which had to face a direct volcanic competitor in 1997 with Dante’s Peak, was a great public success with more than a million spectators in French cinemas. What if this pure 90’s entertainment set you on fire (sorry, it’s easy!) to start this week?

Tonight on TFX at 9:05 p.m.

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