“Frenchie Shore” show in Cap d’Agde: the city wants to prevent the filming and broadcast of season 2

The 1st deputy Sébastien Frey has just sent a letter to this effect to the president of Arcom, the regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication. The first season of the show sparked a wave of indignation… and achieved great audience success!

At the beginning of the month, we announced the upcoming filming of season 2 of the reality TV show “Frenchie Shore”. Most certainly in Cap d’Agde, as was the case a year ago in a plush villa on the Route de Guiraudette, even if the production house has not yet confirmed this possibility.

Partygoers filmed all day in villa

“Frenchie Shore”, for those who still don’t know it, caused a lot of talk when it was broadcast last November and December. Ten episodes featuring a group of partygoers filmed night and day by cameras who never miss a beat of their daily lives. And when we say not a crumb, that is not an exaggeration! Because the program, in line with its American elder “Jersey Shore”, is not lacy, with scenes bordering on pornography, excessive alcohol consumption and vulgar exchanges as possible. In short, reality TV at its peak, which nevertheless found its audience, with satisfactory audiences on the MTV and Paramount + platforms. Paid channels, mind you, but large extracts are then found on social networks, accessible to everyone, especially minors, who thus view content not really of their age.

“Negative publicity” for the city of Agde

It’s in the name of the exhibition “young people display violent content on social networks”but also “negative publicity” made to the city of Agde, that the 1st deputy Sébastien Frey has just sent a letter to the president of Arcom, the Regulatory Authority for audiovisual and digital communication, which took over from the CSA.

In essence, the elected official from Agatha recalls that the program “has already attracted many comments due to its vulgarity and barely concealed sex scenes.” The one who is also a departmental advisor cites the example of Rima Abdul Malak, then Minister of Culture, “who contacted you about this broadcast. According to an intervention relayed by Public Senate, you announced that you had contacted your German and Czech regulatory counterparts in order to check whether the broadcast complies with the requirements of the audiovisual media services directive. You You also intervened with the companies that own the social networks so that they block their distribution.”

Frey and filming “contrary to public order”

Today, Sébastien Frey wants to go further, “the city of Agde wishing to prevent the filming and broadcast” of “Frenchie Shore”, so “to protect its image and notoriety.” And ask Arcom “to kindly inform the community of the results of your efforts, as well as the means that would be at your disposal and that of the city of Agde to prevent filming contrary to public order from occurring again.”



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