“Secret Story” or the collapse of a once popular show

“Secret Story” or the collapse of a once popular show
“Secret Story” or the collapse of a once popular show

Is this lack of enthusiasm explained by the absence of bonuses, the weakness of secrets, the monotony of daily life or even the lack of personality of the candidates? It seems that all these elements contribute to the growing indifference towards Secret Story version 2024, this show which was flagship in the 2000s.

Certainly, the announcement, during the launch episode, of the voice trickery had aroused a certain enthusiasm. However, this excitement quickly dissipated. The production had promised an authentic casting, but the reality turned out to be very different: the one who had announced a safe casting with people not wishing to become Instagrammers did not ultimately lie since 90 percent of the candidates were already there before to enter the house of secrets. No need to try to become one anymore.

Cheating in “Secret Story”? A Belgian candidate says it all: “A replacement was planned”

Moreover, the promise of a play-focused curriculum also turns out to be a mirage. The missions offered are of a disconcerting level of complexity, almost reminiscent of kindergarten games. Hiding pickles in the house or making as many people as possible laugh at a party are not challenges worthy of a show of this scale. The only bright spot is the semi-reaction of production, which, after having certainly heard of the numerous criticisms concerning the missions, proposed to the public via a form to propose challenges to be transmitted to the candidates.

Audiences at half mast

In France, TF1 limits the damage with just over 920,000 viewers on average per episode. A very mixed result, however, even if they try to make us believe the opposite based on the publications of the presenter, Christophe Beaugrand.

In Belgium, the audience is hardly more favorable to the program, averaging less than 100,000 viewers per episode, sometimes even less than 70,000. Which does not even rank it in the top 20 daily programs viewed by the television viewers. And this, despite the presence of a Belgian candidate still in the running.

A paid live that is not one

Between the candidates who sleep half the day and those who lounge on the enormous double sofa in the living room, the viewers benefiting from the live, when it is active, do not have a lot to get their teeth into . Paying in addition and offering on average only four hours of broadcast, chosen in advance by production, here again, the show loses the little spontaneity that it could still have.

Fake candidates in Secret Story? The DH has listed the clues which seem to indicate that TF1 is manipulating everyone!

However, one group seems to stand out for viewers, nicknamed by them the Fantastic Four. The production understood this well. Multiplying the stratagems to lead each week one of the four candidates of the clan to find themselves in the nominations chamber, pushing the rest of the fans present to vote for their favorite.

A testing season?

We certainly remember the more than mixed return of the star Academy, which was not convinced by its casting nor by its test version in short mode, without even offering a tour to the academicians. Despite everything, she was able to reinvent herself with authentic and endearing candidates this year, which caused a hit in the audiences throughout the adventure.

Secret Story will she be able to follow the same path towards redemption? This will require a real effort on the part of production to offer quality entertainment to viewers, who are fewer and fewer in front of their screens.



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