United by music: unique moments with twins at concerts by Dua Lipa, Harry Styles… and more

Attending concerts with family – all generations combined – is the pinnacle of precious memories for these music enthusiasts. Here is the portrait of Dominic Viens and his twin daughters Sandrine and Frédérique.

Dominic Viens has always found music therapeutic. “Even listening to Ozzy, it relaxes me! It was important for me to give that back to the girls,” he says.

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The father of Sandrine and Frédérique, 17-year-old twins, is truly passionate about music. The proof: her CD collection contains more than 500 records and Sandrine’s vinyl collection is dotted with albums offered by her father.

Sandrine Viens and her father Dominic at the Osheaga festival

Courtesy photo

Open to all styles of music, the dad shares more and more unique moments with his daughters during concerts.

One of the trio’s fondest memories? These Dua Lipa tickets offered by Sandrine and Frédérique for Christmas. “It moved me that they wanted to do something with me and that, in addition, it touched music,” he confides.

Sandrine and Frédérique Viens and their dad at the Dua Lipa show

Courtesy photo

Frédérique’s musical tastes are close to those of her father: ABBA, Coldplay, Rihanna. Sandrine leans more towards contemporary indie music since her father introduced her to Patrick Watson. It was this first duo show that gave rise to the tradition of attending father-daughter concerts.

The 55-year-old man even accompanied Sandrine to the Osheaga festival last summer, at Parc Jean-Drapeau. “Music brought us together,” they say, exchanging a knowing look.

“As I grew up, I realized that I was lucky to be close to my parents. Osheaga allowed me to create beautiful memories with my father. I found it fun to experience this with him,” confides Sandrine.

Frédérique also clicks with her father through their love of “old music”. Like him, she particularly likes jazz.

“I really like going to see shows with my daughters, because the opportunities to share moments with young people are becoming rarer with cell phones” – Dominic Viens, 55 years old

So attending a concert with their father is…? “Memorable,” says Sandrine. “Very fun, even if he is more reserved than us,” adds Frédérique, laughing.

Who are they?

  • Dominic Viens, 55 years old, cheesemaker
  • Sandrine Viens, 17 years old, student
  • Frédérique, 17 years old, barista at Starbucks


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