Adnaé announces her unexpected abandonment of “The Voice”

Adnaé announces her unexpected abandonment of “The Voice”
Adnaé announces her unexpected abandonment of “The Voice”

Saturday May 18, five candidates won their place for the final broadcast of the TF1 singing competition with, among them, the young woman. She will ultimately not participate in the final for a good reason.

This is a turnaround that no one expected. While the names of the five finalists of season 13 of “The Voice” were revealed this Saturday, May 18 during the semi-final broadcast on TF1 and orchestrated by Nikos Aliagas, an announcement has reshuffled the cards.

Adnaé, participant of the Bigflo and Oli team, created a surprise by publishing a message this Sunday, May 19 on her Instagram account. The 35-year-old participant, a naval engineer working on an oil platform off the coast of Mozambique since 2022, explained that she was giving up participating in the telecrochet final which will be held on Saturday May 25 live on TF1, for a very good reason.

” I have something to tell you “, she began in this video message containing images of her adventure on TF1. “ After this magnificent semi-final experienced on “The Voice” with Iris, I am stopping. I won’t be able to make the final, I’m going to experience a new adventure”, she continued, revealing herself in a photo where she points to her plump belly. In the text below the video, she explained more specifically the causes of her absence during the final of “The Voice”. “I am withdrawing from the adventure to experience a completely different one which promises to be magnificent: the arrival of my little one. We proudly did the adventure together and I am grateful for it. The semi-final was recorded in advance, since then my little one has grown well. The baby’s arrival and the final schedule being tight, travel between Mozambique and France is not possible for me.she wrote.

Saturday evening, Adnaé qualified against Iris. The performances of the two candidates from the duo Bigflo and Oli closed the evening. The evening jurors were unable to decide between them: Anne Sila and Jérémy Frérot had loved Iris while Abi Bernadoth and Aurélien Vivos had leaned towards Adnaé. The public, the decision-maker, finally chose to send the latter to the final with 54.3% of the votes.

The abandonment of Adnaé, just before the final, therefore changes the situation. Iris will thus be drafted and will participate in the final of the show. She will compete with the four other qualified finalists on Saturday May 18.

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Four former candidates as jurors

When the show launched, there were only eight candidates still competing to hope to reach the final: Baptiste Sartoria and Odem in Vianney’s team, Lize and Alphonse in Zazie’s team, Clément and Gabriel Lobao with Mika and finally Iris and Adnaé with Bigflo and Oli. For this particular evening, TF1 had chosen to have the spectators vote but also four former emblematic candidates of “The Voice”: Anne Sila, winner of the All Stars season, Jérémy Frérot, revealed in season 3 of the singing competition, Abi Bernadoth , who won season 9, and finally Aurélien Vivos, winner last year, were back on the telecrochet set to choose the four finalists of the competition.

The two candidates from each team sang solo then shared the stage together with their coach. Mika’s protégés got the ball rolling. After their various performances, they were put to the vote of the jury and the public. Gabriel Lobao won over the four jurors and obtained 81.6% of the public votes. He therefore easily qualified for the final.

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The Vianney candidates then faced each other. The jurors were unable to decide between them. Abi Bernadoth and Jérémy Frérot voted for Odem while Anne Sila and Aurélien Vivos chose Baptiste. The public therefore had the difficult task of choosing the future finalist. It was ultimately Baptiste Sartoria who was qualified with 56.4% of the votes.

The Zazie team then presented themselves on stage. After her performances, Lize wowed the jurors. Aurélien Vivos, Jérémy Frérot and Abi Bernadoth voted for Lize while Anne Sila, for her part, preferred Alphonse. Despite this imbalance, it was ultimately the young man who won the hearts of the spectators by obtaining 59% of the votes.

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As a preamble to the evening, Nikos announced that there would be a surprise. The host thus revealed that there would be a fifth finalist next week: the winner of the parallel competition orchestrated by Camille Lellouche. Shanysformer Zazie candidate who had been eliminated during the Cross battles and had been drafted by the actress, won her duel against Mewhy in the program “The Voice: comeback” and therefore also reached the grand final.

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