Without pity, Nagui’s very daring sentence about Kendji Girac (27 years old) after the shot: “He’s going…

Without pity, Nagui’s very daring sentence about Kendji Girac (27 years old) after the shot: “He’s going…
Without pity, Nagui’s very daring sentence about Kendji Girac (27 years old) after the shot: “He’s going…

France TV (DR) / Clique (DR)

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

A few weeks after the incident which almost cost him his life, Kendji Girac continues his convalescence far from the media excitement. And if he received the support of countless fans and celebrities, the singer was also the target of mockery and jokes of varying degrees of bad taste. Nagui, for example, made a daring remark, which was also cut during the editing of his show!

He was very hot, and he knows it. Within a few centimeters, Kendji Girac could have died by shooting himself in the middle of the night under the influence of alcohol, while he was trying to scare his wife by threatening suicide. A deplorable scene which unfortunately marks the culmination of the artist’s descent into hell, who now has only one ambition: to heal and come back stronger.

As everyone knows, the first days following the famous shooting were marked by the omnipresence of the media. And while investigators tried to shed light on what happened, several celebrities lent their support to Kendji. We think, for example, of Vianney, Slimane or even Claudio Capéo. But others, like Nagui, were a bit more mischievous!

Nagui’s sentence cut during editing on Kendji Girac

This Saturday evening, the famous host presented a special number of “Don’t forget the words”, highlighting actors during this Cannes Film Festival period. So far, nothing unusual. But when Claire Keim saw the song “Les yeux revolver” offered to her, Nagui couldn’t help but seize the opportunity and say:

Kendji is going to do a remake for us!

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Quality joke or bad taste? Everyone will judge, but one thing is certain: the production preferred to cut this moment during editing, and it was only through the testimonies of people present on set that Télé-Loisirs was able to learn of the information. A way, surely, of not adding fuel to the fire.

For his part, Kendji spoke for the first time after the incident on May 10. In a statement, he apologized at length to his fans, thanked heaven for still being alive, and assured that he was being treated. The process promises to be long in any case given the seriousness of the situation, as explained by Fabien Lecoeuvre on C8:

I think there is at least 6 months of inability to get back on stage.

Comments confirmed by Gilles Verdez, who made a point of reminding us that beyond the physical injury, significant in-depth work must be carried out on the subject of the artist’s addictions:

We are talking about 3 months of convalescence, but the beginning of convalescence. Then there will be the treatment process that he himself recognized, treatment to get rid of his addictions.

Accustomed to mischievous and spicy quips, Nagui could not resist this little sentence about Kendji Girac. But times have changed since the Alexandria native’s debut on television, and today, production teams prefer to take no risks and not broadcast this little tackle. Regrettable or not, everyone will have their own opinion on the matter!



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