“You are right” ; Slipknot confirms they have already written a new single, titled Long May You Die, with drummer Eloy Casagrande

Slipknot fans have reason to rejoice, as the iconic metal band hints at the upcoming release of a single titled Long May You Die, which will mark the band’s first track with new drummer Eloy Casagrande.

News of the anticipated single was revealed on Slipknot’s official social media accounts, where they confirmed speculation surrounding Long May You Die, a track believed to have been created during recent recording sessions. The message states: “Slipknot fans talk to each other about Long May You Die as a new song written during recent recording sessions. ‘You’re right, you’re absolutely right’.”

Casagrande, who joined the band as a drummer, gave insight into his audition process, revealing that part of it was about contributing new music. “They asked me to extend my stay for five days, so we could record things”did he declare. “I think that was also part of the audition, they were throwing new ideas at me to see if I could write songs.”

During a recent interview, Slipknot guitarist Jim Root spoke about the band’s creative process, indicating that while they have yet to delve deeply into their new material, Casagrande has already made significant contributions. Root mentioned that he was receiving drum loops from Casagrande and using them to create potential riffs for future songs.

Despite the excitement surrounding the new single, Casagrande stressed that the group was focused on its 25th anniversary celebrations. He stated : “I’m still trying to understand how the band dynamic works – it’s not very clear yet when it comes to records and new songs. We have written a few songs, but they have been shelved for the moment… I don’t think there is any rush to record new songs.”

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