moment of hesitation in the show, Anne-Elisabeth L…

moment of hesitation in the show, Anne-Elisabeth L…
moment of hesitation in the show, Anne-Elisabeth L…

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was very uncomfortable this Wednesday, May 15. While she was hosting her show C à Vous, an unexpected remark from a guest upset her.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has hosted the show C à vous for several years and began covering the 77th Cannes Film Festival on May 14, notably welcoming the actors of the film Anatomy of a Fall.

During her show in Cannes, she interviewed Raphaël Mezrahi, the voice of Messi the film’s star dog, and Laura Martin-Contini, the dog’s coach, highlighting a humorous and original approach to interviews on the Croisette.

The host, accustomed to the vagaries of live, was surprised by a humorous reply from Raphaël Mezrahi, illustrating his ability to manage unexpected moments with humor and professionalism.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is at the head of the show C to you since many years. The host is used to the vagaries of live, which greatly amuses her columnists. The 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival began this Tuesday, May 14. The next day, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was in Cannes where she hosted her show live. For this second evening, she received the actors of the film Anatomy of a fall. On the poster for this one is Messi, the star dog. The latter climbed the steps of the Festival during the opening ceremony and was eagerly awaited. Yesterday, he was the very first star to climb the steps at the opening ceremonyrecalled the host.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Raphaël Mezrahi, who lends his voice to Messi for the show Woof and Laura Martin-Contini, the dog’s trainer. The animal was comfortably seated in an armchair and the interview could begin. Raphaël, you are therefore taking advantage of Messi’s global notoriety to carry out interviews with stars”, began Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. She then continued her explanation by adding: “It is Messi who will ask, with your voice, questions to all the stars of the Croisette; questions that have nothing to do with the film or its promotion, What questions does that give?“, she asked her guest.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: a remark that surprised her a lot

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asks Raphaël Mezrahi for details, who laughs at first: “Obviously, I benefit from everyone’s global notoriety“He then responds to the question asked by recalling that an animal has more freedom in terms of the questions it can ask.”There are questions that you cannot ask as a man, that you ask when you are a dog; for example, hey, I would like you to be my mistress”, he declared, to the laughter of the columnists. Enough to surprise the host who was not expecting this response at all… and she made it known.

A white man moved onto the set of the show. Sorry, I can’t hear you, immediately responded Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine before letting it be known that the show’s management was speaking to her through the headset. Indeed, the host was informed that Messi was not visible on the screen since he was lying in his seat. Raphaël Mezrahi then repeated his reply: “I wish you were my mistress“. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, fully focused on her guest, did not respond at first before finally understanding what it was about. Ah, these are the kinds of questions! Sorry, I thought it was a real question, I forgot it was the dog talking!she laughed.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: a host used to embarrassing sequences

The week was complicated for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. This Monday, May 13, while she was in her usual studio, the host had to face a small mishap. With tuna tataki on the menu tonight. Prepared by an invisible chef…”she laughed before continuing: “He’s not in the kitchen but there will still be food on the tables this evening.” The chef who was supposed to prepare the meal was unable to show up. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then specifies: “We had to make do as best we could, there was a bug this evening.”

Supported by the columnists, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then explained that, following a withdrawal, production had to adapt. Each week, the host can count on the presence of a different chef. The latter comes to present a dish to viewers but also to the guests of the show. While she was launching the second part of her show, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine once again showed humor: “And the cold dinner… lack of chef this evening since he stood us up”, she concluded. A host who does not hesitate to be transparent with viewers.



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