Charlotte Cardin worries her fans

Charlotte Cardin shares crying photo as she recalls the release of her new song titled Lonely with our lovewhich has been playing on loop in our ears since its release.

It’s on his page Instagram that the singer shared a photo of herself in which she can be found in tears, without giving any explanation.

“Lonely with our love out now», she declared on the sidelines of the photo.

You can imagine that with a photo like this, she aroused a lot of reactions from her admirers, who were worried and wondering what could have happened to her.

Some have some hypotheses regarding the cause of these tears. Among these, some think that it could all have a link with her boyfriend, the artist Alyosha Schneider.

A few days earlier, the singer had explained the reasons which pushed her to write this song, as well as the meaning of it and it is very touching…

“Navigating distance is a feeling that is (sometimes too) familiar to me and I wrote this song at a time when being in love felt lonelier than being alone. I am extremely grateful to have music as my lifeline during difficult times. I wrote this one in Nashville with my friend Gabe. And my hope is that it brings comfort to those who need to hear that even when we feel alone, we are never completely alone,” she explained.

You can try to make him smile again by listening to his new earworm, available everywhere.

We send lots of love to Charlotte and congratulate her on her beautiful song.



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