Jean-Jacques Goldman has written a new song!

The title already has its interpreters.

It’s a very long and beautiful story that begins in 2019! Nadia is a teacher in Vénissieux, a town near Lyon. Five years ago, with her CM1 students, she decided to put on a show around the Resistance and the historical heritage of her city. Like many, Nadia is a fan of Jean-Jacques Goldman and exchanges letters with the composer quite regularly. It is then that the teacher asks the favorite French singer if he is willing to take part in the project. Jean-Jacques Goldman agrees to write a song! Nadia told her adventure to Progress.

I knew that his father had been resistant to Vénissieux and that he had participated in its liberation within the resistance with the FTP-MOI (Francs-tireurs et partisans – immigrant workforce), on August 26, 1944, so it made sense to ask him.”

And then the Covid passes by and Nadia, dazed, forgets to stamp her letter for Jean-Jacques in the summer of 2020. However, the teacher made arrangements with her colleagues to continue in CM2 with her students. The development of the show is going well and Michael Jones, Goldman’s eternal guitarist, even comes to help the troupe.

“During our first performance of “Vénissieux la belle, la rebel” in 2021 at the city theater, he came to sing “Je te vous” with us.”

Time passes and the students are now middle school students but continue to meet during the holidays or certain weekends with their longtime teacher to keep their production going. Furthermore, the 2021 performance at the city theater had been filmed and sent to Mr. Goldman’s offices with Nadia’s telephone details. The story becomes magical.

It was first the artistic director of the artist who wrote to Nadia by email, at the beginning of 2022, “He told me that he had seen our show, that he was blown away and that it was still yes for the song.” Then, a few days later his phone rang.

“I heard: ‘hello it’s Jean-Jacques’. I didn’t really understand because I don’t have any Jean-Jacques in my repertoire. Then I hit him. He told me that “he was extremely moved by the show.”

And then the message arrives accompanied by the song, “it’s just a suggestion” writes Goldman humbly. A video is organized for Jean-Jacques to work with the group of young college students. The text is composed of an extract from the letter of the Armenian resistance fighter Missak Manouchian, read by Goldman himself before the children all sing the rest of the song together.

A very beautiful story which will undoubtedly mark this lucky class forever.



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