Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1687 of Thursday May 16, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1687 of Thursday May 16, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1687 of Thursday May 16, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… At the hospital, a hostage situation causes panic. Mona brazenly lies to avoid keeping Lucien. Sylvain takes a leap into the past.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read on.

Thursday May 16 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Malbec takes William and Renaud hostage

The police having identified Malbec as responsible for the poisoning of which Manon was the victim, they are actively looking for him. However, the latter is unreachable and untraceable. Martin issues a wanted notice.

At the hospital, Nordine escorts Étienne who is transferred to prison. In the hall, the latter meets William and asks him for forgiveness. As he prepares to leave the premises, Étienne surprises Malbec. The latter points a gun at William whom he considers responsible for the death of his wife.

Nordine manages to evacuate most of the people present in the hall, including Étienne. He then tries to coax Malbec, but the latter takes William hostage with his gun and retreats into a rest room where Renaud is already. Malbec closes the blinds, then threatens the two men with his gun, forcing them to sit in a corner.

Nordine leaves the establishment and immediately alerts his colleagues. They come as reinforcements around the hospital. Nordine transmits all the information to Karim who decides to call the RAID.

At the same time, Marianne and Victoire also come to the hospital parking lot to help the police. Marianne wants to try to reason with Malbec to whom she announced the death of his wife the day before. But Karim dissuades him, explaining that Renaud was also taken hostage.

Unable to count on the presence of a negotiator before two hours, Karim tries to contact William and Renaud on their cell phones. Malbec ended up landing one of them. Karim asks him to hand over the hostages, who briefly confirm that they are not injured. Karim then questions Malbec about the food available to them. As he lacks food, the Police Captain offers to come and bring him some in person.

In the meantime, William suggests to Malbec that he spare Renaud by letting him go out. He declares that his wife’s death is entirely his fault. As the police advance into the corridor, Malbec decides to carry out his revenge by shooting William. At the last moment, Renaud intervenes…

Sylvain returns to work

At breakfast, Sylvain announces to his wife that he is finally going back to work. In fact, it has been a few weeks since he advertised his activity and reconnected with former clients. Christelle is very proud of him. In reality, Sylvain is far from delighted to have François as his first customer of the day.

For her part, Christelle is excused from work and returns home, enjoying the terrace with Bruno. She confides in him her pride in finding the Sylvain she knew years ago.

In the evening, Sylvain returns, saying that this first day gave him a boost. While Christelle goes to get champagne to celebrate, Sylvain complains to Bruno.

Mona lies to George

At the Spoon, Mona is working on the new summer menu, planning in particular to make more balanced recipes, which greatly surprises Nathan. Audrey confides to the waiter that Mona has changed certain habits since she started exercising.

A little later, Georges goes to the Spoon to ask his mother to take care of Lucien after his shift. She replies that she is too busy working on the Spoon map.

Georges therefore goes near the beach with his son. He suspects his mother of having lied to him. And for good reason, he finds her in flagrante delicto playing sports with Mélody. He calls her to tease her about it.



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