Odem reveals his favorite in case of elimination

Odem reveals his favorite in case of elimination
Odem reveals his favorite in case of elimination

Odem on the set of “Buzz TV”.
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INTERVIEW – Guest of “Buzz TV”, the candidate will play his place in the final against Baptiste Sartoria, his friend in Vianney’s team. He recounts his adventure, gives his prognosis on the show and is already planning for the future.

Season 14 reveal “The Voice” in the Vianney team, Odem, the Marseille singer of Corsican origin, amazed the jury and the public. Far from Quentin, his real first name under which he was failed in 2017, Odem took a nice revenge this year: “ 7 years ago I was very upset that I had failed “, he admits. “ I was a cocky 21-year-old jerk. I hadn’t thought about the choice of the song, the intention I wanted to give. Then, I met artists, sang in lots of places, worked on my voice every day… And when the producer called me back, I did two songs in French and it worked.»

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His artist name, Odem, comes from his own last name: “I looked at my name, Nicodemi, which was too long. Nicodemus was already known. So I narrowed it down to Odem which made sense to me.» The 29-year-old singer also says he is calm about his new notoriety: “ It doesn’t scare me. We have been warned and we know what awaits us. There will inevitably be bad buzz because there is never unanimity », he explains lucidly.

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In the semi-final which awaits him on Saturday against Baptiste, his accomplice from the Vianney team, the singer admits to having done “as per usual» without the pressure of the four artists invited for the occasion. Without revealing what will happen during the show, Odem simply dropped a clue about the song he will perform: “ I am going to sing the title of a very great vocal singer who, for me, is the greatest in France.”

Musically, Vianney is a monster, almost a genius!«

Odem, candidate for “The Voice”

Concerning his coach, Vianney, Odem is full of praise for the one who was not his first choice in the event that several chairs were turned around: “ At first, I wanted more Mika or Zazie, but Vianney’s words touched me and I chose him. Vianney is truly an exceptional person. He is sensitive, generous, very demanding in his work. Musically, he’s a monster, almost a genius! He has music in his blood…»

Finally, if he hopes to win the competition, Odem is already looking to the future with a project which will see the light of day in the coming months: “ I am working on my project with my universe. This is the one I tried to show in ”The Voice” with all the facets of my personality and my vocal range.” He then engages in the game of predictions for the final victory and confesses to having one – and even two favorites – “ If I don’t win, I think the other 9 can win. Iris, Satheene, Baptiste are very strong… But in the end, I would put a play on Gabriel or Alphonse. » Verdict in 10 days!



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