“In the woods, he takes off his pants”: Polska (TPMP) sexually assaulted at 17

For several months now, Polska has been a columnist in the C8 daily presented by Cyril Hanouna, TPMP. If the pretty blonde always displays a wide smile, shows enormous frankness, and always seems happy, she has nevertheless experienced very difficult times in the past.

She also wanted to talk about this past during her visit to Jordan de Luxe this Wednesday, May 15, 2024. In addition to talking about her role in the daily life of C8, her salary, or even the columnists she appreciates, The influencer also wanted to talk about the sexual assault she suffered a few years ago.

Polska (TPMP) discusses her sexual assault

Only 17 years old at the time of the events, Polska initially admitted to having “ had lots of crazy stories with married men » when she was a minor. After these “confessions”, the young columnist continues and tells a blood-curdling anecdote.

“There there is a gentleman who stops, I think in his thirties. He said to me: ‘do you want me to drop you off?’ I tell him ‘I’m late, go ahead'”she initially confided after recalling that, at the time the man called out to her, she was on her way to high school.

“And when we go towards the high school, it continues and there was a wood. And then he stops in the woods, I’m like… ‘what are you doing?’. And then he takes off his pants and says to me ‘look what you’re doing to me’ Polska later revealed.

The young woman saw him again two months later

To get out of this bad situation, the influencer then gave him her phone number: ” I did it on purpose “. An attempt which bore fruit and which allowed him to escape from the clutches of the criminal.

However, Polska told Jordan de Luxe that she encountered the individual again only two months later, when she went to the home of a professional to do her eyelash extensions. Her attacker was in reality the professional’s husband. Unfortunately, this is not the only anecdote for the influencer. She admitted having had “lots of stories like that” where she was “not consenting”when she was younger.

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