everything you’ll never see on TV, we’ve unlocked the secrets

everything you’ll never see on TV, we’ve unlocked the secrets
everything you’ll never see on TV, we’ve unlocked the secrets
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The grand final of Eurovision 2024 took place on Saturday May 11. Unpublished sequences which took place behind the scenes of the competition have been revealed.

Eurovision changed an entire city

This year, the big Eurovision song contest took place in Sweden, in Malmö. And as the residents were able to see, this event changed their city a lot.

In the streets, for example, there were many flags marking the musical event. While on the trash cans, there were colorful stickers.

And that’s not all. Even slogans supporting Palestine were paraded. And this, in the central arteries of the city, a few hours before the grand final.

And to maintain order, a good number of police officers also scattered everywhere during the show.

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Moreover, outside of the Arena where the competition took place, there was also a show. Indeed, during the event, there was a Euro club in the city to party. But also a special Eurovision village where they broadcast the shows from the last two days of the competition on a giant screen.

Info on competition candidates, tickets and the role of the EBU

During Eurovision, it should be noted that each candidate stayed in a hotel. Joost Klein, the Dutch star, for example, was at the Clarion Hotel. And many Dutch fans came to flood the place in the hope of meeting him.

We probably hadn’t seen her on TV, but before her show, Loreen also made a public appearance. In fact, the Swedish star, who won the competition twice, was in a pop-up shop. A real surprise for his fans.

However, she made it known that she would not present the trophy if Israel won the 68th edition of the competition.

Other interesting facts about Eurovision: the price of tickets. In fact, this year, they were expensive, especially during the final. And this is without counting the price of housing which skyrocketed in Malmö during the event.

About the EBU, few people probably know it, but it was the latter which laid down the law during Eurovision. Indeed, she made all the rules and sometimes the order of appearance of the candidates.

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Performances by Eurovision stars not broadcast

It is interesting to note that none of the candidates’ performances were shown on TV until the big evening. There were three rehearsals before the finale, but there were no images. Even the press didn’t get any.

Indeed, during the event, journalists only had access to the first rehearsal. As for the others, those in charge only broadcast them on screen in the press room. And this, mentioning that it is forbidden to capture the moment.

However, if they granted “privileges”, everyone was contained behind the scenes in their own zone. But that doesn’t mean they would necessarily see the artists or enter the room.

As you can clearly see, Eurovision is a major musical event that cannot be celebrated just any way.

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