The works of this young Breton caught the eye of Arctic Monkeys

His path was set to become a landscaper. At 22 years old, it is ultimately a completely different garden that Gabriel Picard, a young self-taught Costa Rican artist, Liorzh (“garden” in Breton, Editor’s note) is cultivating. A colorful universe, between psychedelia and retrofuturism, which caught the eye of the British Arctic Monkeys, for whom he created eight posters for their concerts in Berlin, Oslo, Osaka and even Jakarta.

“The gap between these posters which are seen on the other side of the world and me who is doing this in my parents’ converted attic, in Plérin, is quite funny,” smiles the man who will have his first exhibition, from 15 to 25 May, in the Maxime Lancien gallery, in Saint-Brieuc.

The German scene

The progress made in four years by Gabriel Picard is dazzling. In 2020, he was studying at the Saint-Ilan horticulture school, in Langueux (22), where he was following a BTS in landscape design, and had never touched graphics software in his life. “The school closed during covid. As I like to create and am a fan of music, I told myself that I would keep myself busy by creating album covers for artists that I liked. »

He posts his first creations – “not necessarily terrible”, says the artist – on social networks. And ends up being spotted. “A record company in Berlin commissioned an album cover from me. Then, word of mouth played a role. » Encouraged by his parents, he threw himself fully into this new path.

From covers to concert posters, there is only one step. The first was commissioned by DJ Romain FX. He followed up with an order for an electro evening in Lithuania. Before all this leads, in 2023, to the posters for Arctic Monkeys. “I received an email to order one. Since they liked it, I made eight in total. »

Posters and album covers created by Gabriel Picard are exhibited for the first time. To see in Saint-Brieuc, from May 15 to 25. (Le Télégramme/Julien Molla)

“A true sense of color”

“A cover and a poster are not at all the same way of designing,” explains the artist who, among his influences, cites Dali, the American graphic designer Milton Glaser or even the old covers of sci-fi books. “For the first time, I try to get the music. I listen, I share with the artists, I discuss with them the visual references that we can share. A poster is an atmosphere, a concert. There is a little more freedom. » In both cases, we find his “very colorful, very retro” style. Links, also, with his former studies as a landscaper. “I still have this passion for parks and gardens,” he smiles.

“Gabriel has a very recognizable style with a retrofuturistic universe, a real sense of color and a mastery of graphics,” explains Briochin gallery owner Maxime Lancien. Who did not hesitate to propose to the young artist to set up his first exhibition. “I love posters as artwork. And I found that those of Gabriel deserved to be highlighted. Even more so during Art Rock.”

The works of Gabriel Picard (left), a young Breton artist, are exhibited for the first time. They can be discovered in the gallery of Maxime Lancien (on the right), in Saint-Brieuc. (Le Télégramme/Julien Molla)

On a bus in Bergamo

“That my first real exhibition takes place in Saint-Brieuc, during a festival that I appreciate, it’s a real pleasure,” rejoices Gabriel Picard. Enough to measure the progress made since this crazy idea, in the middle of covid, which became his profession. Today, Liorzh produces an average of eight to ten works per month. Sometimes for amazing projects. Like this creation which covers a bus in the city of Bergamo, in Italy. “It’s pretty crazy to think that I have a work circulating in the street there! “.

Gabriel continues to trace his path. “No pressure, just the desire to do well. »And what about his desires, precisely? “My ultimate dream would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Otherwise, I would love to do something for Fontaine DC. » And the Art Rock festival? “Before, I didn’t think about it too much. Today, it’s in the back of my mind. But it’s not me who chooses.”


Opening of the exhibition this Wednesday, May 15, from 6 p.m., in the Maxime Lancien gallery, rue Saint-Gouéno in Saint-Brieuc.



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