“the relentlessness” of the yellows, Meïssa her favorite, Dancing with the Stars… Messina takes stock

“the relentlessness” of the yellows, Meïssa her favorite, Dancing with the Stars… Messina takes stock
“the relentlessness” of the yellows, Meïssa her favorite, Dancing with the Stars… Messina takes stock

Mégane, you were eliminated even though you had three very good performances in the tests. Was it hard to take?

Yes clearly, because I felt that physically and mentally, I could have gone further without problem. I really flourished on the island, I didn’t suffer my adventure, but the ex-yellows must have seen it and decided to eliminate me. Moreover, since reunification, the strongest have been targeted.

“Léa, her determination came out of nowhere”

Your elimination was a surprise to everyone, including you!

Watching the episode again, it made me sad. I didn’t understand this nastiness coming from the yellows. Amri says he wants to vote for a “big name” so that made me happy, but Léa I found it looping over me, saying that I was wrong, not fair play. His relentlessness came out of nowhere, I really didn’t understand! And Pauline who calls us all hypocrites even though we spend a whole day with her. I watched the episode with my family and I felt that it hurt them too.

At the time, during the counting, how do you feel when your name comes up several times?

The first ballot, a little naively, I said to myself that it was perhaps a blank vote. The second I quickly say to myself “Ah, it doesn’t smell good…” and the third I know it’s cooked. All of a sudden, my dream stops without having seen anything coming. It shook me up quite a bit but I was happy to come out with my head held high, I had a great adventure.

There were only three eliminations left before the famous orienteering race. Looking back, what would you have changed to stay in the adventure?

If I had to do it again I would have done almost everything exactly the same. I am proud to have fought until the end for the ex-reds. On the other hand, I should have taken more time to calm down, to analyze the game, when Jean leaves the adventure due to medical abandonment. Because clearly, if he didn’t get injured, the evening council would have been very different with our four red votes.

What will you remember from this adventure?

You must always follow your dreams and believe in them, it always ends up paying off when you give yourself the means. For me, Koh-Lanta was my childhood dream. But above all, I am proud of my mentality. I was surprised not to experience the adventure at all even though I expected it to be awful. I slept like a baby at night and drank so much water that I managed the hunger well.

Meissa can go up to the posts »

We feel that you have kept good relations with the other adventurers, like Meïssa for example?

Yes, we have a small group with Meissa, Ricky and Emilie and I think that this friendship will really last over time. We managed to experience the adventure and the broadcast without tearing ourselves apart. So that’s already a good basis. And in real life, we trust each other with our eyes closed, because we know that there is no strategy behind it.

Do you still hold grudges against certain people, notably Léa or Amri, the main architects of your elimination?

No, I don’t blame them because it’s a game and I too have made strategies. We know that in the end, there will only be one left (laughs). But within the game, I had no feeling with them. Afterwards, we all remain on good terms, and it will be nice to see each other again during the final live broadcast where we will know the name of the winner (Editor’s note: Tuesday June 4). And there are also yellow people with whom I get along very well, like Nathalie, Aurélien or Sébastien.

At the time of your elimination, which ex-red would you have bet on to make it to the posts?

I would like to see them all (laughs). But if I had to name one, I would have said Meissa. He has a good analysis of the game from the start and he does well in strategy. He has a lot of cards in hand to go all the way if he proves himself in the tests.

“I would love to participate in Dancing with the Stars”

On a personal level, what are your next projects?

This adventure went so well that I would like to have opportunities later for other shows. As a priority for Koh-Lanta of course, for an “All Star”, but also for “Dancing With the Stars”, I love the physical challenge. And more personally, I would really like to take a big trip and even get into it on a professional level. It’s my passion and I would like to make a living from it.



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