“she got lost”, Justine leaves La Maison des Secrets

By Aurélie H

– Published on May 14, 2024 at 6:36 p.m.modified on May 14, 2024 at 11:05 p.m.

This Tuesday, May 14 in the daily Secret Story, Justine disappeared from the House of Secrets. Enough to worry the other candidates.

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Alexis and Cameron have decided to change clans unofficially and unofficially! Zoé was quickly taken in and decided to follow suit. If she finds it a bit big to betray Lou’s clan to go towards Francesca’s and in the end, turn around again, she finally accepted. The reason ? Zoé wants to go as far as possible in the adventure. While the trio was not expected to say anything until the next nominations, Cameron couldn’t help but reveal everything to Cassandra. “That’s such a good idea. I didn’t have the courage to do that. I love the concept”she said.

Lou and Léo’s secret revealed

Subsequently, Lou and Léo had to reveal their secret, since Charléne confirmed her buzz. “You discovered our secret”, then said the young man to his friend. Enough to shock the entire House of Secrets and more particularly Maxence who saw nothing but fire! “I had zero suspicions. For me, they are still brother and sister. It’s Lou and Léo! », he indicated in the confessional. Both candidates therefore lost their entire prize pool. Charlene was very happy to have discovered a secret and to have taken a large packet of money in the process.

The La Voix relay point has opened!

Faced with the candidates, Lou declared: “I really found a brother here. It was obvious to me. I convinced myself that he was my brother and I feel it deep in my heart.” Words that touched everyone. But the game quickly took over, since La Voix has unveiled a new room: the relay point in which there are twelve packages containing good or bad surprises. Kelyan chose package 4 and decided to keep it. Unfortunately, his prize pool was halved. Charlène had a rubber duck. As for Cameron, he fell into bankruptcy. His prize pool is therefore 0 euros!

Justine disappears Secret Story

Later in the evening, Justine disappeared for a whole night as part of her mission where she must make people believe that Justine number 1 is still in the game. Her room was set up in the games room and she was able to watch his comrades without their knowledge. After a while, the candidates of Secret Story noticed his disappearance. No matter how hard they looked for her, Justine was nowhere to be found! “She left”, launched Maxence. Justine will return to her bed in the middle of the night.



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