the new free streaming service is available

M6+, the new free video streaming service from M6, is finally available! Entirely financed by advertising, it replaces the 6play platform and directly competes with TF1+ with exclusive content and original functions.

That’s it, the new kid on the block in the world of video streaming, M6+, is finally available! Whereas, after the cessation of the Salto platform created and managed with M6 and France Télévisions, TF1 launched its own SVOD, called TF1+ (see our article), M6 – which brings together the TV channels M6, W9, 6ter, Paris Première , Téva, Série Club, but also Gulli, Canal J, TiJi, MCM, MCM Top and RFM TV, the radio stations RTL, RTL2 and Fun Radio, production companies, cinema and television distribution, an advertising agency , websites, music publishing and show production companies… –, its great rival always does the same! The news was announced last February through Nicolas de Tavernost, the former CEO (recently), in an interview with Le Figaro. The latter also took the opportunity to announce his departure from control of the channel – he is replaced by David Larramendy, the former head of the Advertising department. This May 14, one day before the initially planned date, M6+ is finally available on the Web, Android, iOS and Apple TV. Right in time for Euro 2024, which is due to start on June 14! It replaces the old 6play replay platform, whose URL it uses.

M6+: an advertising-financed streaming platform

M6+ is a completely free SVOD service, financed by advertising. It offers a paid plan, called M6+ Max, at 4.99 euros – the TF1+ Premium subscription is 5.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros per year – allowing you to remove advertisements, be able to download content and enjoy the previews. The catalog of programs will be doubled compared to what we know with 6play, reaching 30,000 hours of content – ​​twice as much as TF1+.

“We are going to double our catalog of programs, with more than 300 cinema films per year (blockbusters but also major sagas), with 300 cult American series or from paid platforms and which we make free (for example The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), with reality series since we signed a partnership with NBC-Universal ( The Kardashians Or Real Housewives), without forgetting the youth offering with 250 brands, mainly animation. But also documentaries like Balance your networks Or Life to the limitexplained Guillaume Charles, member of the board of directors in charge of programs and content, to Ouest France.

To stand out, the M6 ​​group also intends to highlight its podcasts on the platform, including exclusive content again. We will thus be able to find, only on M6+, a spin-off of the show Traitors with influencers, a reboot of reality TV Who wants to marry my son ? or MMA Academy, where young fighters are trained. And that’s without counting the “offbeat” six-minute weekly news provided by the satirical site Le Gorafi. Good news in addition, M6 has just recovered the broadcasting rights for the 2026 World Cup. It will therefore broadcast all the matches in the clear of the competition, which will take place in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico).

M6+: an ambitious catalog

Here is some of the content that is available at the launch of the platform:

  • Serial : Lois & Clark, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Black Sails, Nashville, Why Women Kill, Magic City, Love Life, The White Princess, The White Queen, The Lost Symbol, The Royals, The Spanish Princess.
  • In film: Hulk, Ghost Rider 1 and 2, Die Hard: The Crystal Trap, Die Hard 2: 58 Minutes to Live, Tears of the Sun.
  • In documentary: Life to the Limit, Balance your networks: investigation into online sexism.
  • In telenovelas: Mujer, A Not-So-Perfect Family.

We also have the right to new series, like The Spies of Terror, a thriller which will immerse us in the French secret services during the hunt for terrorists after the attacks of November 2015, and yet another revisiting of Zorro. Other content will arrive in the following days and weeks.

© M6
© M6

M6+: an innovative search function with AI

Compared to 6play, M6+ offers much more attractive functions, including for free accounts. Thus, it is possible to enjoy replays for at least thirty days after their broadcast, compared to around a week currently. It is also possible to cast and watch HD content for free, although this is a paid function on 6play, as well as having several profiles on the same account.

A few months after its launch, M6+ will offer a search engine using generative artificial intelligence. “We could, for example, ask him for a cartoon of less than twenty minutes for a seven-year-old child or to find the scene where Lois and Clark kiss“, explains Guillaume Charles. “This will be a world first.” Another example: it will suffice to write: “I want to watch a film that lasts less than 1 hour 30 minutes with my seven year old daughter” for the algorithm to provide a recommendation. Bluffing!

The SVOD also has a tool for “fan experience”which will allow“display a whole bunch of statistical data on the screen“, during the broadcast of sports competitions or tele-hookups. “We want to make M6+ more social, in particular with vertical videos or even interactions on streaming programs via social networks”he summarized.

M6+: the ambitious objectives of the audiovisual group

“Our objectives are clear: at least double consumption on the platform with 1 billion hours consumed and triple streaming revenue to reach 200 million euros by 2028,” explained Nicolas de Tavernost in February. The group is therefore targeting 1 billion hours consumed in streaming and revenues reaching 200 million euros in this sector by 2028. Ambitious objectives, especially in a market largely occupied by American giants, which continue to arrive in our regions, and already invested by TF1. M6 decided to launch into streaming because it noticed an increase in replay. In 2023, out of 9.4 billion hours of M6 group programming consumed, 500 million were in replay. But this choice also corresponds to a drop in television advertising revenue and an increase in the same market for online video.

New incarnation of the concept of FAST TV – in good French, “free streaming television financed by advertising” (see our article) – the economic model of M6+ is very different from the offer of major American platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video, which only offer paid subscriptions. And it could well appeal to many users, who no longer want old-fashioned linear television, with its imposed schedules, but who do not want to spend several hundred euros per year on paid streaming platforms. Not to mention that the latter now include advertising in their cheapest offers, as evidenced by the new Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions. The catalogs will make the difference. And consumers will decide.



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