6 pop hits celebrating their 25th anniversary this year

6 pop hits celebrating their 25th anniversary this year
6 pop hits celebrating their 25th anniversary this year

25 years ago, newcomer Christina Aguilera reached the top of the charts with Genie in a Bottle. The singer thanked her loyal fans by sharing a video montage of the then-musical release on Instagram on Saturday. Here are 6 pop hits from this rich year 1999.

Genie in a BottleChristina Aguilera

“This song not only changed my life, but it also touched me and connected me with countless others around the world,” wrote the artist, who was 18 when her career exploded with this song. Number one in 21 countries and number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, this first single earned Christina Aguilera widespread praise for her vocal performance.

…Baby One More Time, Britney Spears

Recorded when the singer was only 16, the song …Baby One More Time revealed future superstar Britney Spears to the world. The clip of …Baby One More Time, where she is seen dancing in the hallways and gymnasium of a high school, remains anchored in popular culture. In 2020, the piece was voted the best debut single of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone.

Livin’ la Vida Loca, Ricky Martin

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin was on his fifth studio album, but his first English-language opus, when the catchy Livin’ la Vida Loca became her first number one on the US Billboard 200. He has since been recognized for paving the way for Latin artists to achieve global success.

No Scrubs, TLC

Impossible to forget the lyrics of this resolutely feminist song where the singers of the group TLC refuse to accept the love of a man who is not up to them. The clip, modern and space-like, was rewarded at the MTV Video Music Awards. This piece, which found itself in several charts of the best songs of the 1990s, allowed the female trio from Atlanta, best known for its R&B music, to carve out its place in the world of pop.

I Want it That Way, Backstreet Boys

We still hear and sing it today in karaoke: I Want it That Way is one of the flagship pieces of the Backstreet Boys repertoire. In 2021, this pop ballad tackling the difficulties of long-distance relationships (hence the airport clip) ended up at number 240 on the magazine’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time Rolling Stone.

If You Had My Love, Jennifer Lopez

We can say that Jennifer Lopez hit hard with this melody; the first single from her first studio album became one of the best-selling singles of 1999 and revealed to the world the singer behind the actress. Combining pop music with Latin and hip-hop influences, the song came with a clip (multiple awards) with an avant-garde concept for a time when the internet was in its infancy.



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