“Mask Singer”: Inès Reg indulges in a joke on TF1, Camille Combal reframes it directly

“Mask Singer”: Inès Reg indulges in a joke on TF1, Camille Combal reframes it directly
“Mask Singer”: Inès Reg indulges in a joke on TF1, Camille Combal reframes it directly

Inès Reg has a series of bonuses on TF1. After Dance with the stars and before the TV movie in which she will be the protagonist, the comedian is currently one of the faces of Mask Singer. New member of the quartet of investigators, Ines Reg seems to flourish in this new role. To the point of allowing himself a few jokes about his employer.

At the start of the show, Camille Combal gave an update on the first week of competition. “How did you experience this first week with us in Mask Monkeyr? »asks the host to Inès Reg.

A touch of humor that made people react

The comedian is already delighted with this adventure, which seems far from the animosities of her season of DALS [les deux émissions ont été tournées au même moment, ndlr]. “Even beyond the investigation, I like the team we have formed. I feel like I’m among friends. The show is wonderful. It’s truly a family program. That’s M6, that really represents M6”then says the 31-year-old comedian.

An intentional blunder but one that Camille Combal preferred not to let pass. “It’s TF1 there… M6, it’s with a backpack, where you run and sleep with locals”the host responds straight away, referring to Beijing Expressshow in which Inès Reg participated in 2022.

“Everything that is evening wear is TF1”, concluded Camille Combal, to the snickers of the public and the jury. Falsely embarrassed, Inès Reg preferred to apologize for her bad mistake. ” Oh sorry. I’ve just been told that I’m not going to get my check back from the accounts so I’ll stop making jokes”jokes the comedian.

“Mask Singer”: Kev Adams takes his turn

The other historical investigator of Mask SingerKev Adams, then also added his little touch of humor to start the show. “There is everything in this brigade. There is youth, there is non-youth. It’s good, it’s fresh”he analyzes.

Enough to provoke some questions from Laurent Ruquier. “Who are you targeting for non-youth? »asks the former host of France 2. Before Kev Adams responds: “No one precisely. Old age is a state of mind. »

After these many little jokes, Mask Singer was finally able to resume its course. At the end of the evening, it was the comedian Vincent Desagnat and the singer Chantal Goya who were unmasked.



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