La Fouine tells how he got out of the clashes

La Fouine refocused on music.

The 7.8 rapper was the guest of “Clique”.

La Fouine clashed violently with Booba for several years. Today, this beef is officially over and the two rappers even seem to maintain almost friendly relations. The rapper from Trappes also faced Sniper and Kamelancien during his career. Today he made a big return to the Flames stage and then announced two Accor Arenas in quick succession, this period seems very far away to him as he explained to Mouloud Achour in the show “Clique” during which he also gave his opinion on the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

“When you’re young, you’re a bit stupid, you want to prove, you have a lot of pride. I don’t know how I got out of that, but I think it’s refocusing on music. Because it’s true that clashes sell things, but afterward people get tired of it quickly. In reality, it makes them drunk because rap is no longer just for 12-year-olds. has people our age who regularly listen to rap and who are fed up with this little bullshit I think that, when you refocus on the essentials, when you go back to basics and you remember that you are an artist, I think that’s how I got out of it.”

The Weasel was recently alongside Bu$hi to the studios, suggesting a potential collaboration. He has also just filled the Accor Arena in Paris twice, on April 8 and 9 for two unique concerts. An exploit which quickly came to the ears of Booba, very active on social networks. Already at the beginning of May, the rapper was already beginning to end his clash with The Weasel with strong and caring deaths towards his former rival. Sunday May 12, he reiterates to congratulate him. “Two Bercys are strong! If he is focused, he can come back with a real album and see his bestpublishes Booba on X, formerly Twitter. He still writes 20 times better than most rappers today.”



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