Audrey Fleurot announces the end of the successful TF1 series

Audrey Fleurot announces the end of the successful TF1 series
Audrey Fleurot announces the end of the successful TF1 series

Audrey Fleurot and Bruno Sanches in season 4 of “HPI”

The actress spoke about the finale of the fiction whose front page will launch the new fourth season on Thursday May 16 and which brings together 7.4 million fans on average.

So the rumors were true. A few days before the launch of the new season 4 which will begin this Thursday, May 16 on TF1, Audrey Fleurot put an end to the suspense by announcing the imminent end of “HPI”.

The wanderings of Morgane Alvaro, explosive heroine of the series who solves criminal cases notably alongside Commander Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou) will soon come to an end. Faced with the enormous success of TF1 fiction (7.4 million fans on average watching each episode), Audrey Fleurot had been wondering for some time about the most appropriate time to end the series.

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A fourth child for Morgane Alvaro

In September 2023, the actress spoke about this subject on the set of “C à vous”: “I wouldn’t want to do too much of the seasonshe explained. It’s an adventure that is so crazy and that is so close to my heart that I don’t want to bore people or get bored. But I also know that it will cost me to stop because I might have difficulty finding a character with so much potential. »

“Season 5 will be the last”

Audrey Fleurot

It must be said that over the seasons, the actress seems to have a blast in this role full of surprises. In the new season 4, of which TF1 will broadcast the first episode on May 16 from 9:10 p.m., Morgane Alvaro is pregnant with her fourth child but does not know who the father is. “She’s a feminist character who loves being a mother. She is not both talented and strong enough for thisshe explained to us. Morgane is capable of making everyday life magical with a bag of chips. I’m afraid of the normative side. She shouldn’t react like us. I want there to be something liberating in her relationship to life, to motherhood. She is capable of flirting and doesn’t think for a second about changing her wardrobe! »

A feature film in preparation?

But, despite constantly renewed ideas from the writers and an obvious alchemy between the actors, the decision to close the series seems to have been made. “A priori, season 5 will be the last”, announced Audrey Fleurot to our colleagues at Télé Poche. A few months ago, Medhi Nebbou shared some ideas for the finale in the columns of Télé 7 Jours: “ I would like it to end in style, with panache, a touch of madness, not politically correct. A bit crazy. It would be a nice farewell. But for authors, it’s not easy to end a series well. »

If the end is therefore announced, the actors are already imagining possibilities of returning to the small or big screen. “When the series is finished, it is not excluded that we will come back from time to time with a 90-minute format or perhaps to the cinema. Audrey Fleurot declared during a press conference during the Série Mania Festival.

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