Video. From a studio in Floirac to the Arena, the rise of Osama, the romantic Gironde singer

Video. From a studio in Floirac to the Arena, the rise of Osama, the romantic Gironde singer
Video. From a studio in Floirac to the Arena, the rise of Osama, the romantic Gironde singer

December 14, 2023, Arkéa Arena. Nearly 12,000 people are there for the rapper duo Djadja & Dinaz. “We weren’t doing well, especially since the concert had been postponed a few minutes before we went on stage, 15 days earlier,” remembers Oussama. The young singer from Sainte-Foy-la-Grande then only had one song to his credit performed on the small Maroquinerie stage in Paris, and there went from 500 to 12,000 spectators for this first part. Nice surprise: at the first notes of “Nsiti”, the audience is on edge, singing the words of the broken-hearted song in chorus.

On stage, symbolic presentation of the gold single (50,000 sales of the song) for this title released a year earlier. We meet the 26-year-old young man a stone’s throw from the Arena, rue Emile-Combes in the cozy and discreet premises of Labonwar music. Label then studio were launched in recent years by Yannick “Noxious” Mahouto, producer, manager but also composer for Aya Nakamura and Booba. “Ossama is a raw talent, a vocal signature, a beautiful and great simplicity,” he says of his foal. “Its mix of variety and oriental climate is truly unique. »

Oussama, 26 years old and a gold single with “Nsiti”.


Soul click

For three years, Oussama has been working with his team to refine the titles that he began producing as an autodidact 4 years ago now. “I have always loved singing but at home,” smiles the artist born in Nîmes, who arrived at the age of 1 in the Pays Foyen where his father was a farm worker. The latter listens to raï and chaabi, the mother leans towards Sardou and Céline Dion. “In college, I skipped my turn to sing, too shy and got used to the “0” And then a teacher insisted…” Glory to Mr. Martin. Osama still remembers this “Soul man” from Ben the soul uncle, like a trigger.

The first texts, the first compositions arrive throughout middle school, from the Elisée-Reclus high school in Pineuilh, from the BTS NDCRC (1) in Gustave-Eiffel (Bordeaux). On Insta and from his computer equipped with FL Studio software, before his own titles, the first covers of John Legend or Adèle. “The emotion that this singer gives off moves me,” comments someone who happily listened to Christophe Maé or Joyce Jonathan as a teenager. “There are a lot of classic songs that I don’t know, I’m always discovering. »

First album in July

In Bordeaux, he crossed paths with Allan J Son who welcomed him into his home studio, explored his oriental vein, his vocal effects, opened up to him the world of harmonies. The pianist Arty is part of the adventure, Noxious brings it all together. In the summer of 2022, Osama posts one song per day on TikTok and it takes off: 700,000 people follow him today. It is on this network that “Nsiti” arrives, a lament of rupture in Arabic and French. The single released by Labonwar music finds its audience. A few clips follow one another, a 3-track acoustic EP is recorded at the Salle Barbey in Bordeaux.

The time has now come to album format, scheduled for July 2024 after a year and a half of work. The same team around him, Oussama announces organic colors around guitar, violin and piano, where even the synthetic keys have thickness. Thematically, love again and again, from declaration to breakup. A tender card punctuated with titles about differences and relationships with others (“Good riddance” and “Mama”).

In Barbey on September 28

Around fifteen pieces, produced by his label, licensed to major Warner on the distribution side, open and closed with the promising Moroccan singer Kawtar. It will also be on the Barbey stage that Oussama will headline on September 28. “I’m living a dream,” summarizes the young artist who still lives with his mother in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande.

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Labonwar on the attack

Stay in Bordeaux, stay on the right bank. Building on his success as a composer for the greatest, Artiguais Yannick Mahouto could have long ago taken up residence in Paris where a lot of things are still happening. Noxious founded his label Labonwar Music three years ago to produce talents from all backgrounds, but also from here with Oussama for example. Around ten artists are now in his stable, with a management division where his brother Anthony is active, and a studio since September. Algerino, Timal and Vegedream have already come to work there. Noxious the composer does not lose his hand and the note: with Werenoi and Ninho, his “Ciao” ​​was a diamond single in 2023 and “Maudit” with Hamza and the same Werenoi is already covered in platinum at the start of 2024.



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