Booba attacks Maes and Gims again

Booba is back in action.

The Duke resumes his activities.

Very discreet about his clashes lately, Booba is back in action. And these are two of his enemies who take it for their rank.

First of all Gims. Like he usually does, the Duke takes out the files and the old sentences of the ex-rapper of Sexion d’Assaut. The latter spoke well of Booba in his early days before turning around in recent times. The editing is funny. Gims said: “Booba is someone I listened to as a kid, in middle school, in high school, I always listened to them. They were our stars.” A very different opinion today:

Booba continues to press his opponent Maes. A video where we see the Duke search for the notes of the song “Madrina” at the piano, with Maes’ head in the background on the instrument. Another video very different from owner of the Telegram channel “Brozer Mafia” who had information on a lot of people in the neighborhoods with photos. On May 11, he was attacked and revealed who was sending him his information. Maes supposedly was one of them.

Earlier in the week, The Duke congratulated SDM on its sell-out at the Accor Arena in Paris on February 25, 2025. He took the opportunity to tackle Maes who did not succeed in this performance.



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