Manuela, candidate for The Voice, eliminated by Jenifer settles accounts with the singer

Jeniferthe former winner of the Star Academy, made an exceptional appearance this Saturday as sworn in The Voice. A special role which gave him the right to vote with the public to qualify or eliminate candidates in the super cross battles event. “The most strategic step for us coaches”as Zazie explained.
And the choices made by Jenifer are talking. Having the right to 10% of the votes, his opinion has made the difference several times, notably in the duel which pitted Clément against Manuela. The young girl who was eliminated reflected on her defeat by expressing her incomprehension and reproaching the singer his attitude.

Jenifer’s strong choices

Installed in the red armchairs of the show to the right of coach Vianney, Jenifer voted for each of the battles which opposed the artists of two different teams. Thanks to a higher voting percentage than the public or other jurors, Jenifer played a decisive role in several of the duels, notably the one between Odem and Flora. The interpreter of I’m waiting for love, took the side of the singer from the Vianney team, who won with 55.5% of the votes. A vote which agitated the networks, with some Internet users speaking of favoritism towards the candidate who sang in Corsican.

Later in the evening, Jenifer’s choices again sparked controversy, the former coach chose to save Clément against Manuela. But, after eliminating it, Jenifer wanted to take Manuela in his arms. A gesture that the candidate did not know how to interpret. “Frankly, I didn’t understand. I really like Jenifer and at the beginning when I started singing, she had a reaction that made me think that I had convinced her and that she was going to vote for me. In the end, it’s like she’s telling me ‘I throw you away, but I’m doing it correctly”she declared, still in shock from her defeat.

Manuela very disappointed by Jenifer’s attitude

The young candidate had a lot of difficulty accepting her defeat and she also confided in Tele-Leisure “She gave me a lot of compliments and I was very happy, but when I saw that she voted for Clément, I was very disappointed although I was happy for him. so I cried even though I didn’t want to show my sadness. I was still a hair away from the semi-final. Besides, when you calculate, if she had voted for me, I would pass”.

A defeat which did not dent the dream of Manuela, who still hopes to pursue a career in the world of singing. ” I am maybe a little too sensitive and too young to be able to take charge of my career, but I would like an artist to take me under their wing”. One thing is certain, it is not Jenifer that the budding artist will ask to accompany him to the summits.



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