Booba reacts to the Kendrick Lamar / Drake clash

The Duke has chosen his side.

When it comes to clashes, Booba knows his stuff. The one who is shaking the whole world right now is the one between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Between these two behemoths, Booba has chosen his side.

In response to a tweet from the journalist Baloo (“Well, what do you think Drake needs to do to get out of this? Do you think he can still win?”), Booba was not very expressive, but rather clear: “Xanax”. A medication used by adults for stress and anxiety. We understand that Drake would be dominated by the rapper from Compton.

Many people are still waiting for Drake’s response to Kendrick Lamar since his scathing diss track “Not Like Us” and “Meet the Grahams”.

For his part, Booba’s enemy, Sadekhas a different opinion on the clash, he rather sees Drake as a Kendrick manipulator : “I know it’s cool to be on Kendrick’s side zahma culture rap fast and everything but Drake manipulated him, showed he was a golmon let him use up imaginary bullets and showed he was more intelligent and that his opponent had a real visceral hatred towards him to the point of writing a letter to a kid who doesn’t exist. It’s genius. Clearly, the two French rappers will never have a point of agreement.



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