Iris (The Voice 2024) in “panic” over the choice of Bigflo and Oli during the super cross battles

Iris (The Voice 2024) in “panic” over the choice of Bigflo and Oli during the super cross battles
Iris (The Voice 2024) in “panic” over the choice of Bigflo and Oli during the super cross battles

And if she was “the most beautiful voice” of The Voice 2024 ? At the age of 22, Iris Fournier is one of the hundred candidates who tried their luck during season 13 of the famous singing competition broadcast on TF1. Over the weeks, the young woman successfully completed each stage of the adventure within Bigflo and Oli’s team. This Saturday, May 11, she once again impressed the coaches and the public at the Lendit studio, the only one capable of voting for her favorite talents – with the super coach Jenifer – during the super cross battles. By collecting 64.7% of the votes, Iris won against Marco Lena of the Vianney team, thus winning her place in the semi-final which will take place next Saturday. For Tele-Leisurethe candidate returned to her performance but also her fears during filming.

“It’s a personal victory”: Iris (The Voice 2024) looks back on his elimination in the Belgian version of the telecrochet

Tele-Leisure : You are among the sixteen talents who were able to access the super cross battles. What state of mind were you in at the start of this stage?
It was a mix of emotions. I was both excited to get to this stage as I was only one step away from qualifying for the semi-final. But I was also anxious because the preparation was tedious. We only had ten days between the cross battles and the super cross battles to be ready.

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Did you think you would go this far in the adventure?
No way ! During my participation in The Voice in Belgium, two years ago, I was eliminated during the cross battles. So I tried my luck in France hoping to get past this phase. I didn’t have much hope but I still promised myself I would do my best. So being here today is a personal victory.

This Saturday, you faced Marco Lena, from the Vianney team. Did you already know each other?
No, not a lot because we rarely had days of filming together. We sometimes met at the hotel but we didn’t have the same activities or the same schedule. However, I knew he was a very nice person.

“They always manage to refocus me” : Iris (The Voice 2024) reveals what Bigflo and Oli told her behind the scenes of the super cross battles

Just before going on stage, you confided to your comrades that you didn’t feel up to it. Why this fear?
Even though we didn’t really know each other, I was aware of his vocal abilities. I was also stressed about choosing my song. Even though I was proud to be able to perform it, I was afraid that it wouldn’t be demonstrative enough and that I wouldn’t have time to convince the audience. So, when I learned that I was going to be facing Marco, I was convinced that it would be dead for me. [Elle rit]

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Did you understand Big and Oli’s decision to duel you against him?
At the time, I forgot about the cameras and I yelled at them a bit. [Elle rit] I was in total panic! Fortunately, they took the time to reassure me because I wasn’t good behind the scenes. Bigflo and Oli are very complementary. Flo knows how to boost my ego by emphasizing my qualities and abilities. Oli told me to forget the competition and sing from the heart. They always manage to refocus me. Together, it’s the perfect combination!

During this step, you interpreted The quest of Jacques Brel. It was also the first time that you sang in French on the show. What was the main difficulty?
My challenge was to pronounce the words correctly because I have a weird accent when I speak French since I live in London. [Elle rit] I also had a hard time believing that I would be able to touch the spectators. I am not used to singing in front of a French audience and even less to singing in this language. I lacked self-confidence. But once launched, I was delighted to be able to defend my place with this piece whose message perfectly sums up my desire to become a known and recognized artist.

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“I was convinced that no one would ever want me”: moved, Iris (Tea Voice 2024) looks back on his victory during the super cross battles

How did you prepare?
I still have the same routine. I learn the lyrics by heart. Then, I work on the song vocally through different vocal exercises to see where I have difficulties. Everything happens very quickly a few days before the performance. We discover the arrangement created by the show’s orchestra the day before filming. We also have feedback and comments from the team. There is therefore a real effort to adapt.

In the end, you beat Marco with 64.7% of the vote. Even Jenifer voted for you. How did you feel when you discovered the result?
I was so happy! I didn’t think it would affect me so emotionally. The fact that the spectators voted for me reassured me in the idea that I had my place in this environment. Yet, I was convinced that no one would ever want me. The Voice opened my eyes to a possible career in France.

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You are now a semi-finalist. How do you envisage this penultimate step?
I’m in a dilemma. I want to offer a title that sends people, and at the same time I want to preserve this new facet that I have discovered. I’m still hesitant but I think Bigflo and Oli really want me to sing in French again. We’ll see that… [Elle rit]



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