After Westworld, Max cancels this promising sci-fi series

All science fiction fans have been won over by Jonathan Nolan’s series Westworld and were somewhat disappointed when it was canceled after the fourth season (even though the latter had an open ending, but an ending nonetheless). Unfortunately, HBO is canceling a new one today, which was very promising.

A SF series that renews the genre

Between the cult series that are Doctor Who, Stargate or Star Trekscience fiction and more particularly space opera have been very popular for years. If this last decade, we had at HBO the excellent cyberpunk series Westworldwhich took us on a journey to a futuristic amusement park where the androids inhabiting it begin to behave abnormally, we also had space operas, like at Apple TV+ with Foundationinspired by the gargantuan work of Isaac Asimov. Unfortunately, even when the quality is there, the audiences do not always follow, as was the case with the series created by Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy.


Today, we are dealing with a new cancellation from HBO for a science fiction work, not live-action, but an animated series. A magnificent space opera called Scavengers Reigna series still unpublished in our region and which arrives with the new MAX platform in precisely one month to the day in France. This animated series created by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner takes us to a future where special exploration takes place on a large scale and where the creation of colonies on new planets follows closely. Scavengers Reign makes us follow the survivors of a space freighter crash on a planet as hostile as it is magnificent and grandiose, where the fauna and flora have nothing to do with our good old planet Earth.


This series, which had an excellent first season, will unfortunately not be renewed by HBO. However, you should know that Netflix will broadcast it on the American, British, Irish and New Zealand markets and according to certain sources close to our colleagues at Varietythe studio with the red N would consider recovering the rights to Scavengers Reign to produce a second season. News which can make us hope for a sequel to the adventures of these space explorers and which is reminiscent of the fact that this is not the first time that Netflix has recovered a series canceled by another studio, in order to produce the sequel and finish it for our greatest happiness.

Are you going to watch Scavengers Reign when it will arrive here on June 11 with the MAX platform? Tell us in the comments and in the meantime, don’t miss out on checking out this crazy scene from the film Dune Part 2which was almost cut during editing.


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