“I didn’t want to stop playing drums at the age of 33”; Eloy Casagrande talks about his transition from Sepultura to Slipknot

Former Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has shed light on his recent departure from Brazilian metal legends to join Iowa masked metallers Slipknot. In a revealing interview with Brazilian daily Veja São Paulo, Eloy Casagrande detailed the timeline of events that led him to make this decision and the challenges he faced during the transition.

The 33-year-old musician, who spent 12 years with Sepultura, explained that the opportunity to audition for Slipknot arose last December, shortly after Sepultura announced their 40th anniversary farewell tour. Casagrande was contacted by Slipknot’s manager who asked him to send audition videos from Brazil. After a rigorous audition process in Palm Springs, California, he received confirmation of his acceptance into Slipknot on February 5 or 6.

Reflecting on his decision to leave Sepultura, Casagrande revealed that the band’s impending end played a significant role. “Most importantly, the reason I agreed to audition was the end of Sepultura”did he declare. “The band was going to break up and I didn’t want to stop playing drums at the age of 33.”

Despite his desire to juggle both groups, Slipknot demanded his exclusive commitment, leading to his departure from Sepultura. “So it was me who decided to leave Sepultura”, says Casagrande. He informed his former bandmates of his decision the same day he got his spot in Slipknot.

Casagrande’s transition to Slipknot was not without its challenges. Adapting to the band’s iconic masks and makeup represented a mental shift for the drummer. However, he found support and guidance from the members of Slipknot, which made his transition into the group easier.

Since joining Slipknot, Casagrande has already made his mark with the group, performing at both an intimate concert at Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, California, and the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Slipknot’s decision to adopt an old school look for these performances, reminiscent of their early years, coincides with their 25th anniversary celebrations.

Casagrande’s departure from Sepultura in February left a void in the group, but his impact during his tenure was undeniable. Derrick Green, lead singer of Sepultura, praised Casagrande’s talent and influence, highlighting his significant contribution to the band’s evolution.

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