Pierre Garnier: this sensitive subject that he decided to evoke in his new single

Pierre Garnier is currently in the middle of a tour of the star Academy with six other of his comrades. The 2023 season winner has been a hit with his first single “Those we were” since February 7 and is preparing to release a second title in the coming days.

This is the announcement he made on stage at the Zénith de Paris this Sunday, May 5: his next single entitled “Nous on sais” comes out on May 17. News that delighted his many fans.

And a week before the release of the title, an extract has just been revealed on the networks. First by the artist’s audience who discovered an excerpt of a song in the “music” feature in Instagram story then by Pierre himself on his social networks.

Mental health at the heart of this new single?

If initially the audience of the 22-year-old singer was thinking of a new love story, it seems that it is a completely different subject that Pierre Garnier decided to tackle. Indeed, given the first words, fans are unanimous: Pierre talks about mental health.

A desire for somewhere else, a desire to get better. And I don’t insist, it doesn’t concern me, this desire elsewhere. And when I call this evening, you answer me in the dark, you say that it’s too late to get better, to move forward. And when I call this evening, you answer me in the dark, I think there are billions of us who don’t know where to move forward » sings the young man from Normandy.

A subject that particularly touches him since during his visit to the Star Academy castle, Pierre Garnier. During the last singing lesson in Dammarie-les-Lys with Adeline Toniutti and Cécile Chaduteau. While he was rehearsing Jacques Brel’s famous hit, Do not leave me, Pierre had explained that a friend of his had experienced difficult times. While specifying that his friend was better today. More generally, it is a subject that affects many young people today; since 2020, the mental health of adolescents and young adults has significantly deteriorated.

Excited fans

Under Pierre Garnier’s Tiktok post, we can read: “ thank you for this nod to mental health« , « really meaningful words«, « another subject that concerns us all, thank you Pierre ” or ” Thank you Pierre for carrying this message. We hear so much stupidity, more or less serious, about mental health. »

The reactions are flowing, everyone can’t wait to listen to it in full and are already ready to make it become a hit on the platforms. Only 7 more days to wait to discover “We know”.



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