The Members of NewJeans Came Out of the Silence by Gradually Expressing Their Feelings About the HYBE X ADOR Situation

We are witnessing the second phase of the deep conflict between the CEO of HYBE and that of ADOR, Min Hee-jin. Two weeks before the imminent return of NewJeans, internal conflicts within HYBE continue to intensify. Indeed, the end of the public opinion battle after Min Hee-jin’s legendary press conference gave rise to legal disputes and keen interest in the group’s future direction.

ADOR’s statement regarding holding a board meeting and interim general assembly this month was far from a mere formality, since the company is scheduled to hold a closed-door meeting of its board meeting in Seoul on May 10. In case of adoption of the decision relating to the provisional general assembly, it will be necessary to wait approximately 15 days before the assembly is held and, according to speculation in the sector, if it is confirmed, it will take place on 31 may. If the date of May 27 was initially considered, it seems that the selection took into account the return of NewJeans to the national market on May 24.

In the event that the interim shareholders’ meeting is held, the agenda is expected to include the dismissal of the board of directors, including Min Hee-jin, and the appointment of directors from HYBE’s side. If this is the case, Min Hee-jin’s dismissal may seem inevitable, given that HYBE owns 80% of the shares, although it is difficult to say with certainty.

The situation of Min Hee-jin, who holds 18% of the vote, appears to be quite complex at first glance, but she has filed for an injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights relating to her dismissal, which is an active defensive attitude. The hearing scheduled for May 17 after the board meeting is a crucial issue. Despite the high probability of a rejection, the court’s decision could however vary depending on the existence or not of violations of the shareholders’ agreement between Min Hee-jin and HYBE.

The members of NewJeans, who had focused on preparations for their return, also broke the silence by gradually expressing their feelings in an indirect way. Minji first declared on May 6 on the fan communication platform “Phoning”: “Everyone, don’t cry. There will only be positives. » On May 8, Danielle said: “My heart has been a little heavy lately. » These comments were interpreted as an attempt to calm fans.

Against all expectations, Hyein will ultimately not participate in the official activities of this comeback due to a broken foot. Both ADOR and HYBE have expressed their commitment to fully supporting NewJeans’ return activities. For her part, Min Hee-jin has continued to post promotional content on her social media account. It is nevertheless inevitable that NewJeans’ activities will be affected.

The members of NewJeans broke the silence by gradually expressing their feelings on the situation of HYBE x ADOR K-Sélection

According to an industry insider, “ Despite the sensational nature of the press conference, it dealt a fatal blow to Min Hee-jin’s career. Nothing good is in store for NewJeans, who have been on a solid path since their debut. This time, the return activities will be a turning point for the future of NewJeans. HYBE’s situation is such that its losses could go beyond just the stock price, leading it to take a stricter approach. »



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