“Bundle of Idiots” Fans React to Photographers’ Insults Against Stray Kids

K-pop fans are currently in turmoil following the release of videos showing paparazzi making derogatory remarks against the Stray Kids.

It’s worth noting that the Stray Kids made history by debuting at the Met Gala, as it was the first time a K-pop group attended as a collective. While their collective appearance at the famous Met Gala garnered a lot of attention, many paid attention to the racist remarks made against the group. As the video went viral, many K-pop fans expressed their anger and criticized the unprofessional behavior of the paparazzi, saying, ” I haven’t seen the whole video yet but I’m in shock. »

We could also see an Internet user say: “It’s the Met Gala and you have unprofessional, racist paparazzi!” !! One of the paparazzi literally said “I’m going to get Covid” -


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